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Recommended Movie!

::THE DANIEL CONNECTION (12) movie is now available on DVD:: There is now a special edition DVD available of THE DANIEL CONNECTION feature film based on ‘The Daniel Project’ TV documentary about Bible prophecy and current world events. This film received consistent 5* reviews at its cinema premiere. You can watch some of these and also order the DVD from the …

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The Red Heifer – an update

Further to our post earlier this year – sadly little Talia (pictured) is not THE red heifer which is eagerly awaited. Rabbi Chaim Richman of The Temple Institute gave the following statement and Jacob Prasch gives some deeper teaching about the significance of this beast on the Red Heifer DVD.  “Several months ago the Temple Institute was delighted to announce …

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The Red Heifer – another sign the end is near?

We know from the prophet Daniel whom Jesus quotes, that the antichrist will set up an office in the Jewish Temple. We also know, there is no Temple on the Holy mount yet because the land belongs to Jordan and there are several very important Islamic mosques/buildings not least the Al Aqsa mosque and the one we know as the Dome …

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Israel & Bible Prophecy

Deborah Menelaws spoke in London at a full day conference – the resulting DVD is part of The Watchman Series and will be available at the end of July. Her subjects included [1] The Roots of Deception, [2] Bible Prophecy – an overview [3] The Daniel Project documentary made for TV and [4] Another Prophet.  

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The image of The Beast draws nearer…

What an interesting use of 3D technology… Many prophecy watchers are getting excited at the thought of the Pope appearing on 3D tv – despite the fact that very few TVs in the world are capable of receiving 3D and certainly not the 4k images on offer – in fact TV can’t show 2k let alone HD in its truest …

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