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A Call to… The Faithful Remnant (Ladies Conferences)

London – 2019! TESTIMONIES from the previous conferences held in Scotland and N.Ireland. Thank You Lord! I was really convicted on an aspect of my life. I prayed and acted on it and I was freed. It’s a challenging day especially for the younger ladies but it is from God and it’s what they need to hear as we are to …

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David Nathan – Scottish Meeting – Booking Essential BEFORE 11th March!

Please don’t turn up on the night unless you have already booked – thank you. We want to be sure you have a seat! 🙂 Send an email to the address shown below with the names of guests in your party who are coming. Thank you!. Pastor David awaits The Lord’s leading as to his actual talk titles however it will …

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Mind / fulness – lessness

Millions of dollars are going to this new age / old age practice which has been around for a very, very long time under different names. Here, it is called “Mindfulness” and is described as a “psychological wellness concept”. When I first practiced it BC in the 70s, we were following Gurdjieff – and it certainly didn’t lead to wellness …

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Deliver us from Evil

::SATURDAY 20th MAY – 10am TO 3pm:: Film maker, researcher and reporter Deborah Menelaws of Bethel Communications will be speaking at The Ground Floor Lounge (Not the Upper Room as advertised elsewhere) at All Souls Club House, London as a guest of Israel & Prophecy. The title of the conference is Deliver us from Evil and is part of The Watchman Series, which is …

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What should a Christian be…?

I recently wrote a post on a Facebook group in response to somebody who was misusing scripture and several people asked me to repeat it – so here we go. (All glory to God of course!) Actually, the scriptures tell us to mark well those who cause division (Romans 16:17). We are to watch our own doctrine closely (1 Tim …

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Like (stupid?) Sheep…

So many people say that they won’t follow a false teacher, a false prophet – or the antichrist, but The Bible refers to us as ‘sheep’. No wonder sheep need a Good Shepherd – to feed us and to protect us from the wolves. Watch this experiment and ask yourself , “what would I do…?”.

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Which Gospel? Salvation or The Kingdom?

In answer to a recent post on Facebook about what Revelation 21 means… To the various ladies I disciple, I remind them of the Gospel of Salvation that says: 2 births = 1 death (unless we’re alive when ‘resurrected’ [translated / raptured] when we see NO death!) 1 birth = 2 deaths. Physical AND spiritual. For eternity. We know that the …

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The LampLight Project is Here…

EXCITING NEWS!!  The long awaited 12 part Bible teaching series hailed as the teaching and study tool The Church has been awaiting, is now available as a download. The DVD versions will be available on the 14th April. Please like and share the Facebook page here and visit the website at  ::Reviews::  What do the pastors and teachers …

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