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Which Gospel? Salvation or The Kingdom?

Corporate LadderIn answer to a recent post on Facebook about what Revelation 21 means…

To the various ladies I disciple, I remind them of the Gospel of Salvation that says:

2 births = 1 death (unless we’re alive when ‘resurrected’ [translated / raptured] when we see NO death!)
1 birth = 2 deaths. Physical AND spiritual. For eternity.

We know that the way to salvation is free for us and we know the Gospel of Salvation. Hallelujah.
However,  it is the Gospel of The Kingdom that Jesus is concerned with, and that must be preached throughout the Earth as a testimony or witness so that nobody can say they weren’t warned before He returns with His terrible swift sword to execute judgement . We read the dreadful implications in the Kingdom Parables.

And so we sound the alarm to The Church to wake up and trim their lamps, to be ready, watching and waiting – and to the world, we tell them there IS a way to escape the coming judgement.

And as in the days of Noah, they laugh and mock.
Both groups.
And that is the horror for the un-discipled, un-taught, un-shepherded church who will scoff at this message of the Gospel of The Kingdom I am sharing right now.

There is a work we need to do after we have professed faith in Christ Jesus, as the path is extremely narrow (one foot in front of the other tightrope narrow) in fact SO narrow, few will find it, and those who do are to be…

*found WORTHY of sharing in His sufferings
*standing firm,  persevering, overcoming.
*Those who make best use of their talents and minahs to know they will indeed rule and reign with Him in the coming Kingdom.
*They have been ready, watching, waiting
*wearing the correct wedding garments
*washed in The Blood of The Lamb
*walking by The Light of The Word and
*abiding in The Vine that is Christ,
*with abundant fruit displayed in
*love for the brethren,
*laying down their lives for others metaphorically and literally when required,
*with a healthy fear of The Lord which is a hatred of sin and the beginning of wisdom.
*So that their names are written in The Lamb’s Book of Life that they may stand at the bema / judgement seat of Christ and avoid the Great White Throne.

Bought and paid for by The Blood of The Lamb.

Therefore, The Lord is looking for a Remnant, The true Body of Christ who are prepared to deny self,  take up their cross daily and follow Christ – all the way to Golgotha and a terrible death – but then on to the Resurrection and eternal life. Hallelujah!

He is looking for a people who can truly be trusted to rule and reign with Him in The Kingdom when Revelation chapter 21 is fulfilled,  and that is what the bulk of the Gospels and Parables are about.  But very few have the ears to hear and even less have the desire to be discipled and truly walk with Him.

That is what HE says.
Again and again.

It is too hard for most people who start off following Him. He say they must eat His Body,  drink His Blood – and understand it.  It is indeed very, very hard and He saw many turn away when He told them this.  Read John 6:54 to the end of the chapter.
But the hardest work has already be done for us. On The Cross.  At a terrible price.
And we must persevere, because our flesh and blood can’t inherit The Kingdom of Heaven and thus we must be in our resurrected bodies for that – and the millennial Kingdom of God.

So we have the Gospel of Salvation – and that’s The Holy Spirit’s job – to convict of sin and righteousness until He is taken out the way when the Times of the Gentiles are coming to an end to allow the Man of Lawlessness to be revealed.

We are to prepare ourselves – and God will help us – but it costs us.  There will be many tears, betrayal, hardship and persecutions as we do indeed share in His sufferings, but as we look to our resurrection to eternal life (or rapture if you’re still alive on Earth when the trumpet sounds) we press on towards that goal.

So when we read Chapter 21, verses 7 and 27 jump out.  “Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children… Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.”

For me personally, chapter 21 is breathtaking and I want to be there, ruling and reigning with my glorious God and Saviour but I know the cost and have counted it and I trust Him Who is the Author,  Perfector and Finisher of my faith that He will indeed bring me through to completion when I do my small part.

Finally, just to reiterate, we know that Salvation is a free gift – it is not by works that we are saved. But because we are ever grateful and love Him, we will obey Him and spend much time with Him, getting to know Him, letting Him strengthen us as we walk with Him, and we too will be able to follow Him.

All the way to Golgotha.

And beyond. To the Resurrection to eternal life – and the glorious hope of ruling and reigning with Him in His Kingdom.
Thank you Jesus!

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