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was established as a multimedia ministry by Deborah Menelaws in 1987, becoming an official entity in October 1988 – spreading The Word by all means.

Originally reaching out to those involved in the cults, occult and mysticism – her own background BC – and invited into churches and groups to teach about how to recognise and avoid such practices, because of their decades of experience working with ever changing new technology in the media, Deborah and her small team began to sound the alarm via radio, podcasts, TV, film, videos, articles and the internet, speaking at conferences around the world, sharing their research in the light of Bible prophecy and the days in which we’re living.

Although that first call was to reach out to those who didn’t know The Lord, His Word and His imminent return, it was quickly realised that very few in the church were aware either – and so began that journey in the late 80s to inform, educate, warn and edify The Body of Christ – a ministry which is now found commonplace on the internet. The challenge of course, is that many of these newer ministries do not hold to a sound Biblical stance either in hermeneutics or delivery and thus the battle has got tougher as the years progress and the number of false teachers, prophets and shepherds exponentially increase as their access to the sheep increases because of the internet.
The warning has never been more critical.

Bethel Communications is a Biblically sound Christian ministry which is called to Sound the Alarm and Spread the Word by all Means in the light of the prophetic scriptures. This non profit making ministry was set up in the late 80s and amongst their body of work was the ‘Cup of Trembling-countdown to Armageddon’ video in the early 90s with Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, Barry Smith, Roger Oakland, Ken Ham et al (still available and popular!) which broke the mould by looking at the veracity of the scriptures and therefore presenting Bible prophecy in a way which could be easily understood – and which inspired and launched other ministries around the world – all glory to God.
You can read more about how the ministry grew into one of the world’s first free professional internet TV networks with links to content in the section about Deborah.

In the early 2010’s Bethel Communications began building a (secure) database of sound churches/house fellowships around the world for members who are part of the Bethel Communications Online Fellowship. Sadly, with the increase in apostacy and the great falling away from Biblical truth as prophesied in The Bible, that list becomes ever shorter where it is becoming almost impossible to find a church where true Biblical Christianity is being preached. Many years ago The Adullam Register was attempted in anticipation of this but that was not maintained so we believe the Lord led us to set up The SheepFold Church online for sound teaching, materials and fellowship.

May God bless each one who desires to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 – and diligently checks everything they are told, because Jesus warns in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and elsewhere that the premier sign of the end of this age as we know it, is great deception, so that even the elect may be deceived – if that were possible.
And it is.
Bethel Communications therefore, encourages us to always check that both The Word and The Fruit of The Spirit are present.

who heads up Bethel Communications, started as a child actor with 20th Century Fox and worked in front of the camera for many years presenting and participating in programmes on TV and radio but preferred being behind the lens and mic, producing and directing films and programmes for global audiences. Deborah discovered a gift for editing which she enjoyed most. Her background includes working in the secular media for over 25 years with her own advertising agency and as a journalist / reporter and researcher working with international media groups and blue chip companies.
Her Christian testimony is available across 2 programmes on episodes 97 and 98 on ch1 The Weekend Prog on Global Vision TV should you wish to know more.

Since The Lord powerfully quickened the last chapter of Daniel to her in the 1980s, Deborah has studied Christian eschatology (the study of the end things in the Bible) and is fervent about using The Gospel of The Kingdom to win souls as well teaching and encouraging her ladies groups around the world. However in these last days, great truths (not ‘new’ truths!) are indeed being revealed in order to arm and strengthen The Body of Christ in preparation for what’s to come. And that is Deborah’s first calling. Her other passion and calling is to sound that alarm, warn the Church and teach it how to prepare – through her conferences, DVDs and not least her weekly programmes on ch1 The Weekend Prog on Global Vision TV. She has never forgotten the first time she realised that the words Daniel was given, were shut up and sealed until the time of the end – and her lifelong dedication to understand these things was birthed within her.

Other than ‘Cup of Trembling – countdown to Armageddon’ mentioned above, Deborah has also produced and scripted several professional Christian documentaries for TV and distribution by other ministries as well as a widely acclaimed Christian theatrical film (movie) to reach the lost and which was therefore premiered at Cannes, shown on various TV channels globally and is shown freely on YouTube to reach the intended audience. This has had around 360,000 views on YouTube alone, and our prayer is that many will seek The Source of the film, Who is ultimately The Lord – through His Son Jesus Christ.
You can check it out here.

Finally, in 2005, Deborah and her husband established a FREE web based Christian TV network which can be accessed by anybody with the internet. Called Global Vision TV there are 26 channels (and counting) where hundreds of questions are answered from a Biblical perspective on over 1,000 videos – many lasting around 5 minutes or less and easy to share on YouTube. Speakers include Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Prof Darrell Bock, Roger Oakland, Prof Siam Bhayro, Ken Ham, Stewart Menelaws, Dr Anton Bosch, Professor Andy Macintosh, Caryl Matrisciana, Deborah Menelaws and many other experts who share SOUND research and teaching.
There is also a weekly broadcast on ch1 The Weekend Prog which includes interviews with Biblical experts and an international Discussion Panel.

If you believe you are to be involved in any of the initiatives mentioned above, and can provide sound teaching for the TV or podcast / radio channels and have materials for us to share, please get in touch asap by completing the Contact Us form at the top of this page.
In His service – and at yours, with love in Christ Jesus, Deborah and the team.

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Bethel Communications is a Not for Profit private limited company due to the restrictions imposed on the ministry if it were to be a charity however, they (this includes Global Vision TV ) are self financing. 
Without judging others, such a thing would be anathema to them because they believe that if The Lord calls a ministry into existence, He is The Head and He is no man’s debtor and is therefore The Provider.
In this case, He provides them with secular work and also quickens others to contribute in many different ways – according to His good purpose and His good timing. 
This way, HE gets all the glory.
*For transparency, Deborah (more info below) works as Head of Production without pay for their professional film production company called Studio Scotland and Stewart receives no salary either but his expenses are covered. Deborah also has a (very!) small cleaning company which puts the food on their table. We believe it’s worth mentioning that they do not take any money from any of their ministry work for personal use whatsoever. This has had to be published unfortunately because of many seriously defamatory remarks made by a man who promised revenge after they exposed him as a false teacher who not only taught heresy but had blasphemed, plagiarised other people’s work and also lied about being part Jewish amongst other things.
Check everything dear brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Everything. And that includes us!