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Bethel Communications began as a multimedia ministry in 1987 – by all means spreading The Word as Deborah Menelaws and her team of researchers sound the alarm as The Lord leads.

Reaching out to those involved in the cults, occult and mysticism – her own background BC – Deborah speaks at conferences around the world, sharing her research and sounding the alarm in the light of Bible prophecy and the days in which we’re living.

Deborah has studied Christian eschatology (the study of the end things in the Bible) for many years – and admits she will continue learning until the day she goes to be with The Lord – however in these latter days of revelation, great truths are indeed being revealed in order to arm and strengthen The Body of Christ in preparation for what’s to come.


Deborah worked in front of the camera for many years presenting programmes on TV and radio but enjoyed it more being behind the lens, producing and directing films and programmes for around the world.

Our background includes working in the secular media for over 25 years however we are called to sound the alarm and spread the Word by all means in the light of the prophetic scriptures. This non profit making ministry* was set up in the mid 80s and amongst our work was the ‘Cup of Trembling-countdown to Armageddon’ video in the 90s with Dave Hunt, Barry Smith, Roger Oakland, Ken Ham et al (still available from our online shop).

Meanwhile, we are building a (secure) database of sound churches/house fellowships around the world for members who are part of the Bethel Communications Online Fellowship. It is becoming almost impossible to find a church where true Biblical Christianity is being preached. Many years ago The Adullam Register was attempted in anticipation of this but that was not maintained so we believe the Lord led us to set up The SheepFold Church online for sound teaching, materials and fellowship.

Finally, in 2005, Deborah and her husband established a web based Christian TV network which can be accessed FREE for anybody with internet access. Called Global Vision TV at there are 25 channels (and counting) where hundreds of questions are answered from a Biblical perspective on short videos lasting around 5 minutes or less. Speakers include Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Jacob Prasch, Roger Oakland, Ken Ham, Professor Andy Macintosh, Deborah Menelaws, Caryl Matrisciana and many other experts who share SOUND research and teaching.

Our Facebook is linked on most pages (or click the icon in the top right corner above) -please click ‘like’ if appropriate. We also have a YouTube channel showing teasers and trailers which includes our undercover tour of TBN which can be seen on our TV Channel by clicking on the menu tab above.  You can also follow our tweets about the latest heresies etc or get an RSS feed directly to your PC or device at or by clicking the icon at the top right hand corner of the page again.

If you believe you are to be involved in any of these initiatives, and can provide sound teaching for the TV or radio channel and/or materials for us to share, please get in touch asap by completing the Contact Us form at the top of this page.
In His service – and at yours…

Further (legal) Information

*We are a division of a private limited company due to the restrictions imposed on our ministry if we are a charity and are administered by myOrganiser Ltd. We do not take any profits from Bethel Communications for personal use.