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A Call to… The Faithful Remnant – Women of God conference

5th October 2024-Leeds, UK!

TESTIMONIES from the previous conferences held in Scotland and N.Ireland.
Thank YOU Lord!

I was really convicted on an aspect of my life. I prayed and acted on it and I was freed. It’s a challenging day especially for the younger ladies but it is from God and it’s what they need to hear as we are to be women of God in these last days. Hazel B.

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My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the recent ladies conference. There is something very special about ladies getting together to learn more of and discuss our dear Lord. The ladies conference was different than others I have been at, we were encouraged to participate in a very practical exercise by way of examining several prophecies and learning how to check them out to see if they were true or false, an excellent and much needed practical teaching. This was just one of many good teachings and discussions that we experienced that day, but just wanted to share the highlight for me.  A very worthwhile experience…. so when’s the next one? Pam M.

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I can’t recommend this Conference strongly enough. If you are like me, who would run (or wheel!) in the opposite direction when you hear the term ‘ladies conference’, I can promise you this is not the usual Ladies Conference. This is educational, challenging and very informative. (I was at the NI one and it was life changing). Babs M.

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