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“The drunken baboon who needs a bra….”

It is 7am on a beautiful Resurrection Sunday morning as I watch the sun rise over the sea outside my window. I was just about to spend time with my Heavenly Father in my morning devotional with Him, when my phone pinged and an email with the intriguing subject line caught my eye. “The drunken baboon who needs a bra….”

I was about to delete it immediately – it was obviously spam – then a name caught my eye and I have decided to share it with you if you’re interested. As I have no idea what the writer is referring to, I have set this post to go live in 8 hours from now which will give me the chance to pull it if required. You’ll understand if you read on…

Dear Deborah, I am writing as your brother in Christ to ask your forgiveness. You don’t know me or my wife, but we have followed Jacob Prasch for 2 years and have enjoyed some of his insights. His teaching style is unusual to say the least and we have found ourselves making frequent excuses for his confrontational manner when our fellow congregants have wondered why we watch him.

Your name comes up every couple of weeks with Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore and others although we had never heard of you, but last night I heard Prasch call you a “Jezebel” (again) on his Daughters of Zion live stream but this time he also called you “filthy” and “disgusting” and it was said with such venom I thought it was time to check you out as you are obviously some sort of evil harridan.

It took me a few minutes to find you online as I wasn’t sure how to spell your surname and another few minutes to realize that we DO know who you are because we heard your seminars when you were touring the country with Caryl Matrisciana. What you taught was life changing for us both as you explained about apostasy and deception. There was no way you could be the same person Prasch was describing. Then I realized you ARE and now we know WHY he keeps trying to pull you down after reading your 30 page report on his wicked exploits. [See Here – DM]

We then watched you speaking on Global Vision tv and I have found your website and am contacting you to warn you not to watch that baboon (I can’t call him anything else). He is no brother and now God has opened our eyes and we cannot believe we have been so deceived by him. The Daughters of Zion video is not on youtube now for some reason but I took a screen grab to show you that only 28 people were watching so please don’t worry about him. I will be sure to let everybody know that he is a liar and a drunk. I say that because he sounded drunk 2 weeks ago when he was slurring his words and becoming very exercised. His voice rose a couple of octaves reminding us of a stuck pig (an old fashioned phrase you will have to google) and now we have read an article about that too [I think he means this one – DM] I see that we were not wrong.

Please forgive us for not investigating sooner and to warn you about what he has been saying but we will never watch him again and will be sure nobody else will amongst our brethren and denomination although investigating you has been liberating as we have found your excellent resources and wish you and your husband all good things and a very happy Easter.

PS My wife is going to send Prasch her old bras for his burgeoning bust but I think it is because he needs all the support he can get. Hahaha.

I don’t know this couple and have not seen the video they refer to but am very thankful though I have no idea why Prasch would describe me as “filthy and disgusting” but as he hates those of us who have exposed his vile practices we regularly receive messages from people leaving the Moriel cult after they’ve heard him mention my name. Apparently he is obsessed with me and a couple of folks have mentioned that he tries to copy our ministry which we don’t mind as it is the sincerest form of flattery! God knows! It sounds like a good thing that his video is not live but as my beloved husband says – “as for me and my house – we will serve The Lord” And that’s all that matters to us – especially on this most special of days in the Christian calendar.
He is Risen!

It is almost 3pm and somebody else has just sent me the following video clip which I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel and it has arrived just as this post was about to go live. Thank You Lord. Sounds like Prasch hasn’t only upset decent minded Christians but more importantly, he has yet again blasphemed The Holy Spirit. It doesn’t bother me – though I don’t think my ‘covering’ who is my protector, my beloved husband and church pastor will be very pleased when he sees it. However, I do think this clip goes to prove that all that the researchers and discernment type ministries have been saying about him is correct. He is a reprobate and there are no Fruit of The Holy Spirit. Just watch the difference in how he addresses the well known false teachers and then how he addresses me! I have the strangest feeling that he doesn’t like me very much… However, I do not fear man and live to do the will of God in the ministry He has called me to. To Sound the Alarm and Communicate Truth – and expose false teachers and heretics like James Aloysius (k/a Jacob) Prasch. All under the covering of my Godly husband – under Christ.

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