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Mastercard Unveils Next Generation Biometric Card

South African Trials Demonstrate “Convenience and Security” April 20, 2017 – Mastercard today unveiled the next generation biometric card, combining chip technology with fingerprints to conveniently and safely verify the cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. South Africa is the first market to test the evolved technology, with two separate trials recently concluded with Pick n Pay, a leading supermarket retailer, and …

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Deliver us from Evil

::SATURDAY 20th MAY – 10am TO 3pm:: Film maker, researcher and reporter Deborah Menelaws of Bethel Communications will be speaking at The Ground Floor Lounge (Not the Upper Room as advertised elsewhere) at All Souls Club House, London as a guest of Israel & Prophecy. The title of the conference is Deliver us from Evil and is part of The Watchman Series, which is …

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Like (stupid?) Sheep…

So many people say that they won’t follow a false teacher, a false prophet – or the antichrist, but The Bible refers to us as ‘sheep’. No wonder sheep need a Good Shepherd – to feed us and to protect us from the wolves. Watch this experiment and ask yourself , “what would I do…?”.

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Big Facebook is watching you…

In the light of our warnings on The Enemy Within – and the need for Christians to be wise, this little video from BT really hits the spot. Lasts less than 2 minutes and asks, How Personal is your Personal Information?…  

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Happy(?) New Year

I’m finding it very difficult to wish everybody a ‘happy’ new year – which of course I do – knowing that the word The Lord gave me last January (to share the 1st part of a ‘vision’ He gave me 25 years ago) was the start of a final chapter. The last place I shared this was Wales (The Enemy …

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Israel and the UN. Again.

::This is very important – in New York, 24th November 2015:: The UN General Assembly adopted six non-binding resolutions, drafted by the Palestinians and Syria, singling out and criticizing Israel – and no resolutions on China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, ISIS, or any other human rights situation. (See list below). Please take the time to read this and see …

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Recommended Movie!

::THE DANIEL CONNECTION (12) movie is now available on DVD:: There is now a special edition DVD available of THE DANIEL CONNECTION feature film based on ‘The Daniel Project’ TV documentary about Bible prophecy and current world events. This film received consistent 5* reviews at its cinema premiere. You can watch some of these and also order the DVD from the …

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::Preparing for Persecution:: 2 – Taking the Bait

There are conspiracy theories. There are conspiracies. There are theories. There are hoaxes. There is Truth. I am in The Truth and will share what The Lord has shown me to share with you as we sound the alarm to those who have ears to hear. Do NOT get involved with the conspiracy theories. For example, the latest one doing …

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::Preparing for Persecution:: 1 – Facebook

So, here is a sticky subject – one I’ll be covering at conference later this year. I expect the bullets to fly from those of you who may be convicted – I suggest you don’t aim them at me but just quietly sort out the situation and thank God for the warning 😉 Scripture warns us many times not to …

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