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::Preparing for Persecution:: 1 – Facebook

WatchmanBackSquareSo, here is a sticky subject – one I’ll be covering at conference later this year. I expect the bullets to fly from those of you who may be convicted – I suggest you don’t aim them at me but just quietly sort out the situation and thank God for the warning 😉

Scripture warns us many times not to be deceived in these latter days – and to be wise. This isn’t so much about being intelligent or academic – because The Lord says that if you lack wisdom, you can freely ask Him. It is one of the most important characteristics we can have – and it was never more needed than today.

So – in my opinion and in these troubled (if not downright perilous) times we’re living in, anybody on this planet who accepts any offer of Facebook friendship without checking who they are, has put themselves in a very precarious position.

As Christians, I’m sure none of us are so foolish as to do such a thing – ie to discuss personal matters before strangers and possibly put others (family, friends, fellow Believers) in potential danger?

If you haven’t at least checked or enquired about every single person you have befriended on your PERSONAL Facebook page, may I suggest you get deleting now. May I also suggest you use lists. Every one of my Facebook friends is on at least one list. Sometimes I only post to leaders or ministries or close friends or prayer warriors or those younger in the faith needing encouraged – and I have a separate one for other friends, family and relatives.

Darkness and Gross Darkness has started to spread across the land so may I exhort you to please engage your brain beloved brothers and sisters. Being a Bible believing Christian is not a game. Ask our brethren who are being tortured, crucified or beheaded.
Please start practicing safe posting now.
I write with love –
in His service – and at yours.

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Deborah came from a background of Eastern mysticism and the occult. Having been gloriously delivered many years ago, she was called into ministry in the late 80s to Sound the Alarm and Communicate Truth. As a respected businesswoman who works in the secular media, she also uses her gifts to encourage The Body and unmask the works of the enemy - relying totally on The Lord as he leads - whether that be in writing, broadcasting, making films or speaking around the world.

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