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Deliver us from Evil

::SATURDAY 20th MAY – 10am TO 3pm:: Film maker, researcher and reporter Deborah Menelaws of Bethel Communications will be speaking at The Ground Floor Lounge (Not the Upper Room as advertised elsewhere) at All Souls Club House, London as a guest of Israel & Prophecy. The title of the conference is Deliver us from Evil and is part of The Watchman Series, which is …

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New films on our TV channel…

Jackie Alnor, author of ‘The Fleecing of Christianity’ and presenter of ‘The Scattered Sheep Report’ speaks on two new films on our channel. Learn more about the roots of the Marian apparitions and worship in Roman Catholicism and the horrors showing on Christian TV. Just click on the TV Channel tab above!

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My People Perish (Sound the Alarm vol 3)

                The Word says His people perish – for a number of reasons – and we are also exhorted to check we are still in Christ. With churches now fully embracing dangerous spiritual practices, this DVD contains 5 sessions with film clips and research which should jolt any Christian out of their complacency. …

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General Boykin, Knights of Malta, Rick Joyner and Cindy Jacobs

Rick Joyner in his robes There is a matter vexing the Body of Christ just now which concerns the Christian speaker and author Jerry Boykin who is a decorated hero and a retired USA Lt General of the highest esteem. Here are some facts. Boykin is an outspoken critic of Islam which got him into trouble when he made such …

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