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Mind / fulness – lessness

Millions of dollars are going to this new age / old age practice which has been around for a very, very long time under different names. Here, it is called “Mindfulness” and is described as a “psychological wellness concept”. When I first practiced it BC in the 70s, we were following Gurdjieff – and it certainly didn’t lead to wellness …

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Warnings to The Church (3)

Altered State of Consciousness When Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach in Hebrew) was asked by His disciples, what would be the signs of His return and the end of the age as we know it, He gave a number of things to look for and these are shown in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.The 1st warning Christ gives is …

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Recommended Movie!

::THE DANIEL CONNECTION (12) movie is now available on DVD:: There is now a special edition DVD available of THE DANIEL CONNECTION feature film based on ‘The Daniel Project’ TV documentary about Bible prophecy and current world events. This film received consistent 5* reviews at its cinema premiere. You can watch some of these and also order the DVD from the …

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Sheep Beware! A depressing read?

 Sorry – but this is rather depressing reading as the apostate church – The Many walking along the Wide Path – grows ever stronger. Just as the Bible predicts in the latter days… Click on our picture to see the best selling Christian titles list of 2014 containing occultic works amongst everything else.

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My People Perish (Sound the Alarm vol 3)

                The Word says His people perish – for a number of reasons – and we are also exhorted to check we are still in Christ. With churches now fully embracing dangerous spiritual practices, this DVD contains 5 sessions with film clips and research which should jolt any Christian out of their complacency. …

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Sound the Alarm – England East (Scarborough)

Researchers, authors, radio and TV presenters Deborah Menelaws and Jackie Alnor are the speakers at this conference for Bible believing Christians who are concerned for The Truth.  Amongst the topics being discussed will be: My People Die for Lack of Knowledge: In the light of Bible prophecy and the days in which we’re living, the realisation that there is a concerted attack …

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Horror strikes children

The so called Global Awakening was horribly manifested upon children in Paisley, Scotland between 25th and 28th September this year – 2014.       Please note, some viewers may find this short video clip distressing. Will Hart of Hart Ministries USA brought ‘another spirit’ which ‘fell’ upon the children causing what sounded like demonic manifestations judging from the horrendous …

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Alert – USA & Europe TIPP

Right now, there’s a deal being worked out in secret between officials in the US and the EU. If it goes through it could permanently privatise the NHS, put the profits of big business ahead of our environment, and even stop the government raising the minimum wage in the future. It’s called the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”, or “TTIP” …

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