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An urgent call to Christians… A new Danger arises.


The cover of the 3rd DVD set from the Bethel Communications 'Sound the Alarm' DVD trilogy you consider yourself a Bible believing Christian, you will know that it is important that you always check the facts, especially knowing that Jesus has warned that ‘even the elect will be deceived” in Matthew 24:24, as the wolves and false teachers creep into the church. It is very, very important for your spiritual well-being, because if you have already fallen into deception now – you stand no chance of escape when the Antichrist appears. However, nowadays, a wolf – a false teacher – doesn’t need to be invited into your church, he only has to give himself an online platform – and he can reach many thousands more that way – with a lot less hassle than having to travel etc. 
I am making one last attempt to sound this particular alarm because it is so vital and here is what I can do for you. I will lay down everything I am and not even fight you taking me to court if I am lying because I am giving you the most serious warning of my life – and a huge part of our ministry has been to warn Christians of all sorts of deception and apostasy for over 3 decades now. I am again pleading with anybody who really wants to walk with The Lord to continue reading this. I am going to warn you about somebody labelled as one of the most wicked men in Christendom who is a personality cult leader and therefore has his followers thoroughly entranced / charmed / hypnotised by him.
I used to be one of them – and you may be one now.
You owe it to yourself to check you are still in Christ. (2 Cor 13:5)
Up front though – this is a veeery long article – go straight to our TV channel on YouTube to WATCH instead of having to read through the reams of information. There are nearly 150 videos made about this person by different researchers and ‘discernment’ ministries – there are over 80 on the channel at Do Your Own Research
Those who would rather follow this man than Jesus, will steadfastly refuse to check the facts on this page and there is nothing we can do about these people. They have made their choice and it is almost impossible to set such people free from a cult if they do not actually DESIRE to know The Truth, because God Himself says He will allow them to believe the lie BECAUSE they do not have a love for truth or righteousness. (2 Thess 2:11) 

So please, spend just a few minutes reading the description of this person – then decide if you’ll be reading further.
Or not.
It’s your choice.  
Here’s a very quick overview from Omega Shock in case you don’t have time to read all of this! You only need to contact us if you have any questions – we’ll be happy to answer.

Meanwhile, further down the page we look briefly at what a personality cult leader is. They can be either gender but we’re looking at a male here. First of all though, I’m reaching out to you – to check thoroughly whether it applies to you or not – after all, somebody who is deceived – doesn’t know they are deceived until somebody shows them. 

For example, ‘Christian’ personality cult followers start to become like their leader in personality. They don’t become more like Jesus because they are unable to spend quality time with The Lord once they become ensconced with a personality cult leader, because he slowly takes the place of The Lord in a Christian’s life, and The Holy Spirit can not – and will not – dwell where there is wickedness. 

In the mind of a follower, this man sounds clever. Psychologists explain that such a leader may well be above average intelligence, he speaks like a real man, not afraid to expose those he thinks are doing wrong. There’s no one to touch him. So, okay, he doesn’t act like The Bible says a Christian ought to be. He seriously lacks the fruit of The Holy Spirit and has many of the fruit of the flesh as portrayed in Galatians 5 but hey, nobody is perfect and he’s SO good at what he does, his followers feel they can forgive him a few rough edges. 

The follower eventually comes to a place where they think that his is not only one of the few voices, but the only voice than can be trusted, and eventually, they believe every word that comes out his mouth. Some of it will be very good – there’s always a good pinch of truth sown in amongst the tares. Much of what he pronounces won’t be Biblical however. 

The typical ‘Christian’ personality cult leader takes it a stage further and starts to pronounce on other subjects such as politics and world events, often dressed up as having some relation to The Bible. They become political commentators, pronouncing on all sorts of issues until eventually… they become the only voice that the follower listens to, as they are sucked in, asking themselves, “who else can I trust and follow? There’s nobody like him…” and in your mind, he will be worthy of your support, your ‘tithes’, your offerings. Your praise, your adoration, your obedience.
He tells you to listen or follow this person or belief – and you do.
He tells you that this person or group is evil and to shun them. And you do.
Without checking anything, you have now fallen into the very deception Jesus warned you about.


Men will see a male personality cult leader as some sort of champion. Somebody who calls themselves a Christian – but often lacks the gentleness that The Lord Jesus Christ portrays in The Bible when He deals with the common people, the leader will be the version of Jesus they would secretly like to be. The ‘Jesus’ who came against the religious leaders or emptied the Temple courts from the money changers in John 2:13-16. The version who is able to shout and rail against anybody they think is doing wrong, ‘telling it like it is’ – sitting in judgement on other Christians, both leaders and sheep. 

Confusing a loud opinionated voice with spiritual strength, the devoted follower would rather follow him than what they see as a ‘wimpy’ version of Christianity. After all, it is hard work to bring the flesh into submission to The Holy Spirit – and much easier to be able to brawl and shout and judge others under the guise of ‘Christianity’. “If my leader gets away with it, I can do that too.” 

However, it will most often be women who incur the leader’s disgust. He will use words like witch, evil, wicked or temptress, Jezebel or harridan. Some go so far as to use very unGodly language such as whore or cite sexual misdemeanours when speaking of women – Christian or otherwise.
His invective against women will become apparent quite quickly, describing them in terms he doesn’t use with men, in fact, ‘Christian’ personality cult leaders have a warped view of women in The Church too, as psychologists have identified a higher number than average being misogynist.
Sometimes he’s a closet homosexual, other times he’s unable to ‘function’ within a normal marriage, sometimes over-sexed and speaking inappropriately on the subject – possibly having had a controlling mother – or one who didn’t protect him from an abusive father.
Either way, it is a common symptom with male personality cult leaders, and he will indeed talk and joke about women in a way that Jesus and His disciples never would. 

So Look out Women, because you are also more likely to fall for his act because he will also be capable of showing an air of vulnerability that can suck you in very quickly. Despite being loud – he will often be self deprecating, implying he’s not really worthy in order to sound humble, and sadly this appeals to the nurturing side of many women.

Unfortunately, the type of men who follow him often have similar tendencies as him but because all bullies are cowards at heart, the leader will be less likely to go after Christian men with the same zeal as he’ll go after women. Especially if he meets the rare one who is as clever if not more so than him.
Men who have been brave enough to stand up to him and questioned his bad behaviour or false teaching are major targets, but more often, the personality cult leader goes after those he sees as a rival to his own ministry. Then, that man will be hounded until he has no ministry left – unless he backs down completely.

We can explain all of this to his followers, but as I wrote earlier, you may not actually have a choice any longer if you have already made up your mind to follow your leader – at any cost… as I said earlier:

Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2 Thessalonians 2:11

Meanwhile, The Bible is clear that Christians should not take one another to court, HOWEVER, if I am lying as I expose the works of this great deceiver, called ‘one of the most wicked men around’ then I am not a Christian – and therefore I should – I MUST – be taken to court for defamation because… See what scripture says about liars however, we are one of the few ministries I know of in the Western hemisphere where we don’t ask others for money but are tent makers like St Paul recommended. So you won’t get rich from suing us but we work hard, pay for everything ourselves – and we do not take ANY money – none whatsoever, from the proceeds of our Christian work. It’s very easy to check, using the link for MONEY

We operate the exact opposite way of how a cult leader does, who claims to be a charity or ministry or 501c3 to get all the tax free benefits of the millions that flow into the coffers.
But you haven’t heard the worst of it yet. 

Several times, I have invited the personality cult leader involved in this particular case, to sue me if I am lying about him – and he refuses to take me up on it saying that he mustn’t take a Christian to court (1 Cor 6:1) – however he has also done everything he possibly can to undermine this ministry and me personally – so that you won’t listen to me of course – and said I most definitely am NOT a Christian, I’m an “agent of Satan” – so there is nothing to stop him IF what I am saying is false as he claims it to be. I therefore invite you to take me to court if this cult leader WON’T do it.

This is importantbecause it would be no more than I deserve and I’ll make it easy for you. All I ask in return is that you read this whole page, and CHECK THE FACTS which includes watching video clips first.


WHY? – because I love The Lord and His people, and I am called to Sound the Alarm and Communicate Truth to help Set the Captives Free. And I do NOT lie.
I have been in ministry more than 30 years, speaking at conferences at home and abroad, invited into churches to teach them how to identify a cult and how to deal with it and help the members to come out, because when they do, they are often in shock at having been fooled and need much love and support. 

. . . and I know how it feels, because I too was a follower of this personality cult leader since the late 80s / early 90s and I was a big apologist for him – although of course, he wasn’t a personality cult leader then.
My husband and I know him, much better than you do. He has stayed with us many times over the last 20 years, his wife has also stayed in our home and shared a platform with me. We used to pray fervently for their wayward son and rejoiced at the birth of their first grandchild – and we have worked with him many times, hosted him at conferences and regarded him as a friend who would sometimes phone us out the blue for a chat or a good moan; so this is personally heart breaking for me; to have seen what he has become, not knowing that he already had a record of verbal abuse – particularly of women – and that his organisation – his ‘ministry’ – had already been recognised and registered as a group to be aware of many years ago in Australia. (Information below)

If you don’t know this person, then you could go to another page – however, it is a good exercise, to learn how easily you can become a part of a cult, and be sucked in.


The Personality Cult Leader I am writing about is called James Aloysius Prasch Junior and the group he leads is called Moriel – meaning ‘God is my Teacher‘ in Hebrew.
He lives in an area of London called Frimley, where they downsized after the children left home. They previously lived in a larger house in Surrey, England for around 20 years and prior to that they lived in Leeds in England for several years.

I only write this because to the consternation of many Moriel followers in the UK especially, he claimed that he lives in the USA and Israel on Facebook in July 2021 but as others posted that they knew that isn’t true, it was edited several times until he finally said he was ‘domiciled’ in the USA… We also know his dear wife and our hearts go out to her… We have never contacted any members of the Prasch family nor would we wish to cause them any distress.

Prasch is named after his catholic dad and despite claiming otherwise, he has NO Jewish blood in his family tree whatsoever, and that’s according to members of his own family who no longer talk to him and paid to have the family tree done to prove it. (See Here). He has traded on the fact that he has told his followers he is part Jewish – then changes it to say that his family is Jewish because he married a Romanian Jew and their children were born in Galilee. Nobody is arguing with that. Then he tells 3 massive and proven lies on camera to try to prove he IS part Jewish. Watch here for the evidence.
Q: But Why has he lied about being part Jewish?
A: He gets a lot of donations from people who love Israel and the Jews because they believe that he is part Jewish. There are also personal reasons as he doesn’t want to be associated with his dad who has passed away – and he has publicly said that he was an awful father to him, so nobody can blame him wanting to be as far removed as he can get; however, changing your name is one thing, telling lies about it is another.

The man I am referring to is now known as ‘Jacob’ Prasch. Previously he called himself Yacov and many still call him that. Yacov and Jacob are Jewish derivations of the name ‘James’ and it’s not a crime to be known as another name – if you’re not trying to deceive people by doing it. However, the irony is that one of the meanings of the name ‘Jacob’ means DECEIVER and that is what this man has turned out to be.
(Pic ©Studio Scotland Ltd)  
Our ministry to The Body of Christ made him well known around the world as we used him as a speaker on Global Vision TV for 15 years and he is one of the contributors on The Daniel Project TV documentary, a secular film made by our professional film and TV production company to reach the lost on secular TV. My husband and I don’t regret doing that, we believe that Prasch was God’s choice for that film, and with a lot of smooth editing, he was excellent. What I do regret, are the years of making excuses for his bad behaviour – all the information is further down this page – but I give you my word, I didn’t know what I know now. That he had lied about the huge amount of money he and his partner make by seeking donations, lied about having another job and not touching any of the charity’s funds, lying that he was part Jewish and had inside information about the Hebrew roots of the faith which led to a following by pro Israel supporters of which I was one. He lied about where he lives, about not selling his materials which is typical of a narcissist who treats his followers with contempt, not expecting them to even think of it being a lie when he sells on his book stand at conferences (we’ve ALL seen that when we’ve attended) or online – with the famous $450 USB stick / thumb drive.  The thing is, he’s absolutely entitled to sell his materials, that’s a good way of raising funds to cover costs, but if you know he’s making lots of cash sales at conferences and profit from online sales, then you won’t donate – and that’s where he and his partner David Lister make a very handsome living – all the details are further down the page. 


But worse, much, much worse, he has lied about a number of ‘discernment’ ministries, researchers and the few brave and Godly ministers who have stood up to his bullying and have exposed him over the years.
He does this by blackening their names on social media such as Facebook, YouTube videos, website blogs and by sending emails, almost always spelling names and ministries wrong and giving inaccurate information so that his followers won’t be able to search and find the reports and judge for themselves.
For example, he says I am Deborah Menelaws from Studio Scotland. Imagine if I described you as ‘Joe Bloggs from Shell’ or wherever you work – which has nothing to do with the evangelistic ministry you do.
Studio Scotland is the company I work with – unpaid I may add, because any salary I’m due goes towards ministry – where we produce professional documentaries, TV commercials, educational films and such like, and certainly won’t help you to find this site which is the ministry side of things…
And he certainly won’t get the name of our free web TV network Global Vision TV also known as correct, for fear that you will find excellent teaching there and no longer follow him.

Finally, I didn’t know about him being sued for lying and putting the lives of Christians in danger some years ago in Northern Ireland – and David Pawson had to try and sort it out – or Prasch lying about Hmong people being murdered by the army because they reacted to an End of the World date from another false teacher, and lying about having a ministry to AIDs babies in Africa, to which I gave money. Many years ago there were AIDs babies – I remember when the work started… but not for many, many years. 

But first, ask yourself this. If you caught your pastor or in this case, your favourite teacher, telling a lie, how would you feel? I imagine that, like me, you’d feel very let down, but you admire this person and well… everybody can make a mistake and you may choose to forgive him or her. What about 2 lies? Or even 3 lies? That’s becoming really uncomfortable now, isn’t it?

But what about 10 lies? 25 lies? 50 lies? Over 100 lies? Seriously, how would you feel if your favourite teacher had been proved to have told over 100 lies? Would you do what most cult members do and just ignore it, say the accuser is a liar and not even check it out? Because that’s what a personality cult leader relies on. The Bible urges us to test all things, and cling to that which is good in 1 Thessalonians 5:21. A cult buster known as Tbckawaii provided video proof of his 100 sins but has taken his site down for a season as The Lord will expose these sins Himself and using others.

Another cult expert and counsellor who has had to help just one of the women who Prasch drove to the edge of suicide with his bullying because she said she could no longer promote and support him because of his lies, has done 3 videos after examining our ministry as well as Prasch and Moriel. 

So, those of you who have heard me speak at conferences will be familiar with this one – and the action that goes with it...
“Engage Brain”
Engage YOUR brain – and ask yourselfDo you REALLY think that a number of researchers and ‘discernment’ ministries will each separately make up all these findings? Are you saying that we’re all correct about Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding – but each of us is lying about Jacob Prasch and Moriel Ministries and the other Moriel groups (currently with un-examined bank accounts around the world as Prasch claims that each territory is autonomous.)


The posts below go back many months and have links to the evidence of all the claims I make – and many more. Some facts that I have written here may be repeated but all the proof is there. These posts make awful reading and if you have had anything to do with Prasch or Moriel or receive their communications, you owe it to yourself to read AND check and watch the videos otherwise, you are NOT a disciple of Jesus Christ IF you continue to to follow and / or engage with that organisation, having been told by me and others that it is a dangerous cult – and if you ignore and don’t even check the facts, you’re in big trouble for the future. There are 3 ways that The Lord can help you.
*The Word of God – The Bible, tells you he is a false brother – if you KNOW the scriptures.
*The Holy Spirit will give you a check / warning if you’re in the place of hearing The Lord’s ‘Voice’
*Engaging your brain as explained above 

It’s YOUR choice and The Lord is giving you that choice. I have written this TO you and FOR you. I apologise in advance if some of the reports below may sound a little harsh – I have been trying to reach you for a very long time, but as you work your way through them and watch the videos, I pray you’ll understand. My arms are open wide to help you come back to the narrow path – but never as wide as our wonderful Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ.
He’s waiting.
Prasch or Jesus?
It can’t be both
as Prasch does not bear any of the fruit of The Holy Spirit.
So, let’s begin. The only way he can stop his followers finding out about him is to blacken the names and reputations of the people who expose him. This he does relentlessly by lying and BELOW, he explains why he uses this technique, first established by the Nazis. 

So who’s the liar here? If you are deeply in the Moriel cult, you won’t believe me. So I will try to reach you one more time. Please ask yourself, why would I risk not only my reputation, my marriage, my job, my ministry, my place in the church as a pastor’s wife which allows me to serve those precious brothers and sisters, and most of all, my very soul, (because liars do NOT enter The Kingdom of Heaven according to Rev 22) to make all of this up?
Why would anybody in their right mind do that?
No Christian would do such a thing – therefore Prasch would be released from the scriptural entreaty not to take a ‘brother’ to court and would be well within his rights to sue me for defamation if none of this is true.
I and many hundreds, if not thousands of others say with a resounding shout – DO IT!

I address Prasch directly now. Then there is your pugilistic behaviour – wanting to debate everybody in front of a camera – and what’s even more embarrassing, demanding that a Greek and a Hebrew scholar is available. For what reason? Your command of both languages leave much to be desired – I have read what real Greek scholars think of you – and you were embarrassed by Dr James White who showed you up to be the charlatan that you are.
Really embarrassing.

Otherwise Mr Prasch, please step down from ministry and spend the rest of your days in repentance and putting right the terrible wrongs you have done to the Christians that you have cruelly maligned over the decades. How dare you touch those who belong to The Lord! Who are bought and paid for with The Blood of Jesus.
Not the false teachers, shepherds and prophets that other people had already unveiled before you came along, but the ones you took a dislike to, or those who you see as a rival to you as you expand your own Moriel kingdom – or those who corrected you or stood up to your bullying and whose ministries you have tried to ruin, even suggesting that they kill themselves, or
those who made a mistake and you showed them no mercy to allow them to put it right – whereby, none is being shown to you. Not any more. The Lord has been so gracious, so merciful to us for so long. You’ve had years and years to put things right – and the only time you have done it publicly was when a church told you they wouldn’t have you back unless you publicly apologised to her – which you did in a backhanded sort of way – because the doors have closed on you. No decent upstanding congregation will allow you on their platform. There are still some shepherds who protect their flocks. And those who don’t, will share the same end as you.
Whatever that is to be.
Because only GOD is the Judge.
Not you, James Aloysius Prasch
– despite you giving
green √ ticks and red X crosses to people you approve or disapprove of in that dreadful video above.
You have sat in the Judgement Seat of God.
May He have mercy on your soul.



I handed this case to a psychologist friend a while back as it is a perfect study in the growth of a cult, and the demise of its leader who has been unable to defend himself and has therefore had to resort to telling lies about those who are revealing his deplorable behaviour. It has been so interesting to observe, that each time he has made an accusation and pointed his finger at somebody, another 3 have pointed back at himself. It’s text book ‘Guilt 101’.

From financial shenanigans too innumerable to list here – to his nefarious attempts to pass himself off as part Jewish, he is becoming a joke across the internet. I believe the secular media have expressed an interest in knowing who this person is – yet again bringing The Name of The Lord Jesus Christ into disrepute. His attempts at trying to prove his Jewish ancestry are truly creative – as it doesn’t exist! His Hebrew application form for lost papers is his ‘Jewish ID’ – his arrogance being such that he thinks the plebs will not understand it because it is written in Hebrew. Then he shows somebody else’s German birth certificate and claims they were a relative. I believe that one has been reported to the authorities. But most interesting was the DNA scam – holding up a migrating tribes map which everybody gets from the DNA company as it shows the farmers, hunter gatherers etc – and claiming that it shows his DNA has Jewish roots – has left so many of us bemused? astonished? incredulous? Yes, words fail me at his ‘chutzpah’ – and I don’t mean that as a compliment so let’s say, his ‘audacity’ – and he’s probably rather pleased about that.

So, what IS a Personality Cult Leader?

A Personality Cult Leader has a strong personality and is often very charismatic. They draw people after themselves. Numbers and stats of followers are important to them – the more followers, the more money that comes in. They often entertain you as they speak – perhaps they crack jokes, they speak kindly then speak with great anger so you don’t know what’s coming next. They can appear to be very righteous.
Spiritual Christians will recognise his bad fruit immediately – most that we have interviewed have said that their spirit recoils, but others, who are hungry to be fed because they are not cognisant with Galatians chapter 5 and the teachings of Jesus Christ, Paul and others, don’t recognise that the person is operating under another spirit. The leader will use Jesus’ Name and they will pray – but they are very, very good at deceiving. That’s the point. If they were very easy to spot, nobody would go near – but that’s not how it works. How do people like Copeland, Bentley and Johnson? Worse however, there are followers who have been very vocal in protecting and defending their leader – they will not want to look foolish and will not examine the facts about their leader but will believe everything he says rather than risk looking stupid.

You will only look stupid if you continue to defend the deceiving leader WITHOUT looking at the FACTS which are listed below and in many other places across the internet.

The leader may give good teaching at times – but they are always narcissistic people and yet very good at appearing to be humble and even coy at times, occasionally being self deprecating, making fun of themselves – but not often.
Being a narcissist means they believe they are better than everybody else – much more clever for example – they show off that they speak other languages, know secret things of The Bible, that they have the knowledge to expose bad people and make judgements on who you should follow which is seldom anybody, because he sees all other successful leaders as a rival.
He consistently points out out the slightest fault of any other leader who they see as a rival, or worse in the eyes of God, they don’t forgive anybody who has put a fault right or explained the reason they misspoke, as he brings it up again and again and again.
Imagine if God dealt with us like that?
The terrifying thing is that if we do it to somebody else, we’ll be treated the same way. (Matthew 6:15)



However, one of the most important signs of a cult leader is that they cut their followers off from the outside world. On social media, they seldom allow posts in reply, and on the few times they take a chance to allow it, they delete anything that exposes their lies. They will NOT allow any criticism whatsoever.

But the reality is not funny. Not funny at all. This veritable King Manasseh of the OT (2 Kings 21 and 2 Chronicles 33) and Diotrephes of the New (3 John 9-11) has a horrible history, and just as the original attacked and murdered God’s people, so this one tries the same. In fact, he throws the name ‘Jezebel‘ around with gay abandon, not recognising that he is the very archetype of that wicked woman.

Meanwhile, there were so many complaints about his latest ranting rant that he had to remove it from Facebook and yet he has put it back up for at least the 3rd time. It only has 8 ‘Likes’ and 1 of them is from the Moriel cult group itself and 1 from him, Prasch ‘the leader’, so determined is he to discredit the ministries and experts who have exposed his sins, in the hope that his cult followers won’t believe what we have to say.

Too late. Over 13,000 people have read this and shared it around on social media despite Prasch trying to blacken my name. Around 32,000 have watched the excellent videos by Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling, despite Prasch trying to blacken his name. At least 3,000 have watched our own video channel at Many have watched the  cinematic presentations by Tbckawaii despite Prasch trying to blacken his name. There have been over 120,000 views of Chris Rosebrough’s exposés despite Prasch trying to blacken his name.
Do you see a pattern here? – and this foolish man doesn’t realise that the more he rants, the bigger his errors and the more evidence he gives the researchers to hand to the authorities. There are videos by Frank Rogers which are sharp and to the point, despite Prasch trying to play them down, and there have been blogs and articles and websites devoted to exposing this charlatan who masquerades as a Christian, despite ANYBODY spiritual being able to see he is not. And that’s according to what God Himself says.

Prasch is doing Satan’s work as an Accuser of the Brethren – click the link to see what others say about the degree of his wickedness that most have never seen before. If you do click, scroll down to the list of 155 recorded sins. As a narcissistic personality cult leader with illusions of grandeur, should The Lord tarry, he will go down in the text books as future generations teach and learn about the cults, as the man who tried and failed to destroy ministries who bring the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ to people, as he uses the charitable donations to slander and bring division into The Body of Christ.


What about The Money?

Moriel admit to having at least another 8 bank accounts bringing in donations from other nations… we the people – those of us who have supported Moriel financially – look forward to seeing them and what exactly the trustees do with the money. Let’s see how these millions of dollars go to the good works they claim to do. Let’s see the name of each ‘good work’ and the name of the person who runs it and when it began and how much of our donations go into each of them. How wonderful to know the good that is being accomplished. I am not being flippant. That will go a long way in redeeming them and perhaps be a trade-off from having to watch Mr Prasch squirm as he explains how he put his 2 children through private education and law school by owning 2 domain names worth a few dollars. These are domain names for South Africa and yet he is doing trade with the Chinese apparently, having asked twice for prayer that his deal of selling them goes through. What??? He is selling 2 South African domain names to the Chinese??? That’s the same Chinese who persecute and even kill Christians. The same Chinese a distributor tried to get our evangelistic movie in front of – to no avail unfortunately – but at least we tried – and it cost us $10,000 to do so – (money we didn’t have, but the distributor let us trade it off over 6 years) but it was worth trying. (NO – WE did NOT make money from that, despite Prasch’s disgusting lies to the contrary.)
Why would he sell 2 domain names, worth a few bucks to the Chinese??? They can get many variations of S.African domain names for very little money. Why would Prasch do such a thing? Why would the Chinese want them? Hmmmm, perhaps they mean to do good things with them?
Others have investigated his claims – and there are links to a couple of short videos further down the page.

So. Good Works. We are conducting a full investigation when time allows but briefly, we know of the Philippine Garbage Dump Children’s Fund – that sounds so good but unfortunately, none of these Moriel donations go into providing these little ones with a proper home or shelter – they live in or near a garbage dump. Maybe Moriel can’t afford it??? Their own website says:

This program is for children who live in or nearby a garbage dump in the Philippines. We provide them food and the Gospel.

Moriel website

We also know that Moriel gives £300 a month to the English couple who run the Mount of Olives Mission in S.Africa where young adults who contracted AIDs at birth have been adopted by this amazing couple who have been teaching these young men and women to be good farmers and able to stand on their own 2 feet. We openly and willingly support this work, ensuring any gifts go directly to them…

So back to the other Moriel accounts. If Moriel has nothing to hide, they will let us see the last 7 years accounts for each nation. But then they have never let us see them for the USA or UK, so that seems unlikely – all we have access to are the Tax returns. Despite requests going to them. WHY would they be hiding them? These are very valid questions.
Australia has unfortunately already apparently had at least $100,000 embezzled and Prasch was forced to make that public recently… and to their credit, Moriel Australia has done all they can to aid transparency which is all we’re asking for.

In the UK, Moriel is registered as a charity, in the USA it is a 501(c)(3). These are supposed to be non profit making …
Seriously??? It is now May 2021 – the 990 tax return for Moriel Ministries in the USA is very late – even later than last year where they emptied their accounts of all assets during the time (coincidentally no doubt?), that they have been investigated by several groups – although they keep denying it of course – but the tardiness in late filing may simply be a COVID thing, and the IRS haven’t released them – and they may appear very soon.
And now they have. As usual we see their tax returns – but no accounts.
A lot of companies close and empty their bank accounts when they have something to hide to avoid losing their assets, then they change its name slightly, change the company address, and start again. If they’re clever enough, they can do that quietly without letting everybody know, in case that raises questions.
Well, that’s what they do in the world but we certainly don’t expect that of a Christian ministry – not that we’re saying that Moriel Ministries is a Christian ministry, seeing as their ‘president’ does not qualify to be either a Christian or a minister according to all the evidence on this page – however, if they are a business masquerading as a ministry, that’s exactly what they would do.
We have higher hopes that this wouldn’t happen and there is a perfectly good explanation.

Between the USA and UK accounts, they have taken more than half a million dollars out in the last financial year – millions over the years taking in to account their 12 separate countries as they state each is autonomous. I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation and as somebody who has given financially to both organisations, I think I deserve to see the accounts – which by law I am allowed to do – and an explanation is certainly overdue as to where our donations have gone. It may indeed encourage us to give more…
Or it may not.

At least 1 of the trustees have moved to a lovely new home in the last months though, so that’s good. Lister has purchased a huge parcel of land which has a house with a 6 car garage – Marco Quintana, another trustee has bought a plot of land next door to it that cost $100,000 – I’m sure Prasch will have downsized from their 4 bed roomed, 2 reception roomed, 2 bath roomed home in Surrey, England as the 2 children left that home years ago to move to a smaller place not too far away, and Lister’s place in Pittsburgh, USA only had a spare room in the basement where Prasch lived when in town… but missionaries lived in the attached flat so we had originally thought that maybe it was time to move to a smaller place in Tennessee or Texas? And yet, he has purchased a HUGE piece of land apparently (to be confirmed as it may be part of his parent’s estate) with a 6 car garage as mentioned earlier.
What business is it of ours?” you may ask.
They made it our business when Mr Prasch started lying about the finances of others. For example, pointing the finger at a media production company called Studio Scotland, which Deborah Menelaws and her husband Stewart work at for no pay so that they can raise the funds for their Christian work by ‘tent-making’ per the scriptures, rather than asking people for donations.
Any profits from their secular work goes back into the company to enable them to make expensive Christian documentaries and even a feature film – without asking anybody for a penny. God has always provided – sometimes in the most unexpected way for which we are all truly thankful! 😉

Prasch and Moriel knew this, yet in their attempt to discredit Deborah they lied that the production company was masquerading as a ministry!!! This is bizarre. Studio Scotland makes TV commercials and educational films including programmes about model railways and lime mortar – what a weird and totally outlandish lie to tell, when anybody can look at their website, read clearly what it is and even check out the accounts online to see that there is no way it is a ‘ministry’- and doesn’t even make a profit – in fact it even owes the 2 directors money that they put in privately to subsidise their Christian programmes.
Studio Scotland is a TV and video production company that raises the finance for their Christian films. NB – to repeat and make it clear, income from Studio Scotland does not support their lifestyle but is continually ploughed back to enable them to finance their Christian web TV channel called Global Vision TV and their other Christian works. Licences, insurance, music, voice overs etc, are all paid that way. Check out their accounts here .

Moriel, and Prasch in particular, telling these lies, was so suspicious that journalists and other researchers like us decided to look into their finances… and oh my goodness. Their hypocrisy is nauseating. There are several videos showing the depth of their depraved chase after the ‘filthy lucre’ that oils the wheels of this business which masquerades as a ministry called Moriel. Scroll through the YouTube playlist and watch for yourself. They live a 5* lifestyle on the donations of their slavish followers – I know, I was once one of them…

We don’t expect the cult members to check though. They will just pass on over here, believing that their master can do no wrong.
And that’s okay – this page is for those who have been deceived but actually want to know The Truth – for it is He, in The Person of Jesus Christ, Who will set them free.



Here is an overview of the last 6 years in the USA and you can check for yourself here. [NB: US, Canadian and Filipino citizens write the date differently to the rest of the world with the month first 🙂 ] but by the time the latest 2019 returns were published – the amount had mysteriously changed!

2019 = Filed 10/23/20 Assets $462,443
2018 = Filed 12/26/19 Assets $000 – have suddenly changed to $382,996 !!!
2017 = Filed 09/06/18 Assets $425,025
2016 = Filed 08/14/17 Assets $321,463
2015 = Filed 10/13/16 Assets $329,321
2014 = Filed 08/10/15 Assets $217,800

– and here is an overview of Moriel Missions – the UK arm.
Again, look at the dramatic change when the investigations had begun. And again, the 2 directors are David Lister and James Jacob Prasch and you can check it out yourself here.
5 years ago they declared an income of nearly £18,000 and spent £13,500 – but 2 years ago when the investigations had started – the amount they declared shot up by 400% to £200,00! And their expenses have suddenly shot up to more than £138,00!!
Go Figger’ as somebody once said as there may be an innocent explanation. Really, there may be…

Year end 31/12/19 Income £150,660 Spending £138,460
Year end 31/12/18 Income £199,420 Spending £170,890
Year end 31/12/17 Income £ 54,170 Spending £ 29,500

Year end 31/12/16 Income £ 32,250 Spending £ 27,630
Year end 31/12/15 Income £ 17,950 Spending £ 13,500

To read more about the Moriel cult’s financial situation, you’ll need to scroll further down the page – it may be easier to take your time and read through all the sections, so that you have a better understanding of what’s happening, but if the finances are important to you – then read on! If you’re bored with this then follow another link:



OTHER EVIDENCE – follow the money

FINANCES: For those who know what this is about, HERE is a link to their tax return 990 forms based on their USA accounts showing how they spent the generous donations – and it is interesting that since the investigation into their finances began, in the last (and very late) tax return, Prasch paid himself $147,000 and his partner took $90,000 and THEY left their assets at NIL. You’d almost think they were worried that somebody would ask them to put the money back so they got it out asap! HOWEVER in the 9 years of records shown below, between them James (Jacob) Prasch and his partner David Lister took $75,000 short of 1 million dollars despite saying he takes no salary from this ‘non profit’ organisation! BUT, add in the travel, rent and extreme expenses which demand receipts be shown, the sum is well over that.


“Compensation” for James (Jacob) Prasch
and David Lister of Moriel USA – add in £136,700 for 2019 = £1 million plus


We’ll come back to the latest figures soon, but in their previous tax return, less than a quarter of the donations they received went to their ‘good causes’ – $126,000 in that tax year. That’s $50,000 LESS than James (Jacob) Prasch and David Lister took themselves in the same year. In fact, Lister the treasurer who is virtually unknown to supporters, took more than the main man – over $475,000 over the last few years – and he is supposed to have a full time job with Yellow Pages and selling Hollywood Memorabilia (unconfirmed) – AND he claims to work between 35 and 40 hours a week for Moriel. Doing what???? Likewise, Prasch claims to have external work and takes nothing from Moriel because he owns 2 (3?) domain names which bring him a good income (seriously!????) and we were advised by one of his close friends that he apparently advises private investors about the benefits of investing in charities / 501(c)(3)s. No wonder he wants to keep it private.


See below for another comparison with a much larger ministry. This time with Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire Ministries. Now he IS known as a heretic!
Compare: Fresh Fire Ministries AND Moriel Ministries
You can search the same site for “Todd Bentley” and “Jacob Prasch” to get an easy to review list of years and ‘salary’ for each.

And the Moriel UK charity ‘accounts’ raise several questions as researchers were shocked at the 2018 ones which were filed (yet again, later than normal since the investigation began) for Moriel Missions and which now give a very different picture compared to what was declared previously. They were audited by a man who has been involved with Moriel for at least 6 years and has organised conferences for him. See below


Mike McDonagh signs the accounts as an “independent examiner”


Mike McDonagh has arranged meetings for several years

VIDEOS: This is a link to just a few of the many videos out there. It’s very sorry viewing about a man who has fallen far, as The Lord reveals what has been hidden in the darkness. The irony is that if he hadn’t continually lied and accused others of things they weren’t doing, nobody would have looked at their finances. He and Moriel have brought it all down on their own heads.Here are videos made by a professional counselling organisation who was contacted by just one of the women cruelly bullied by Prasch who became very unwell through it all. The director of the organisation which helps all kinds of people was so appalled by what he saw, he made a warning video. After looking deeper – he made a second one.

And here are some more. We don’t necessarily approve of all videos made about Moriel, but it gives a flavour of what kind of organisation we’re dealing with here. It is embarrassing. Even the Muslims mock him. What a shocking witness, but they are able to identify him as a false Christian faster than his followers.



Update December – I am reluctantly addressing this distasteful subject again as James Aloysius Prasch (aka Jacob) and his partner David Lister have taken more than a million dollars out of Moriel donations to fund their lavish lifestyles, yet they ask their Christian ‘Extras’ to work for nothing whilst Prasch lines his pockets, making the excuse that he must take that amount of money because it has been designated for him. However, you can see for yourself that their accounts clearly state that it is is his salary and likewise for his partner David Lister who apparently works 40 hours a week and also takes upwards of $90,000 a year.
OR he states that HE himself has put much of the money IN to Moriel – but the accounts certainly don’t show that either. He has lied about how he has a separate job – it is really embarrassing – claiming it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, even using the ‘million’ word at one point – when in fact, he owns 2 domain names worth a few hundred dollars if we give him the benefit of the doubt at most and $50 or less in reality. There is a full exposé of that one online too.
Now the doors have closed on him, he relies solely on website sales including his over-priced books which he also sells on Amazon, lying that Amazon sets the price because he is obviously nervous that followers will call him greedy when in fact, he sets the price as all sellers do. Right now for example, Shadows of The Beast paperback is selling there for a few pennies off £60 (was £110 – that’s nearly $150!!!) Such greed is most distasteful. And of course he doesn’t take royalties as he correctly states – because there aren’t any royalties to take as he is self published! No reputable publisher would touch him but at least he gets to keep all the profits although I’m told on good authority that there are boxes and boxes of books he can’t sell which is why he constantly promotes them.

This is rank hypocrisy however. I don’t particularly care what he says about me as God is my Judge however he is forever trying to blacken my name so that his followers won’t believe my findings and every time he does it, I know that it will be something that he is guilty of himself. Such is how The Accuser of the Brethren works. So he just draws my attention to yet another of his sins when he does it.

For example he accuses us of raking in money from the Christian ministry we have done over the last 3 decades and paid for out our own pockets without relying on donations, when I actually drive a 13 year old car, have never been on any fancy big holiday other than a Nile cruise some 20 years ago, wear clothes that I’ve had since the 90s, and don’t even have double glazing in our home.

We have worked hard all our lives, often going without sleep to earn the money to enable us to make programmes for Global Vision TV that are totally free for you to watch and to make several professional films for TV to reach people who would never go into a church. We have never asked a Christian to work for nothing. Never. People have volunteered, however, we’re different to Moriel in that we have never paid ourselves a penny from any work we have ever done for The Lord whilst asking others to to do it for zero. Our accounts can easily be checked by going to the government run Companies House website where you will also see that there are no employees in the company. Both Stewart and Deborah forego any salary to enable the business to underwrite their Christian media ministry.


What about Curses and Threats?

Now also revealed on a 3.5 hour video by the Servus Christi ministry led by Joshua Chavez – Moriel must have been desperate, and despite us and many others giving thim so much opportunity to repent and tell the truth, they have further broken the law in several ways which Cyber Crime UK and Australia are investigating as Moriel – Charles Jardine and RTN which laughably stands for ‘Remnant Truth Network’ using really poor software, terrible layouts, old videos made by other people and an app that doesn’t work; let alone blaming YouTube every time they had a poor broadband signal – I’m sorry but it really was hilarious as they feverishly tried to copy Global Vision TV which is made by a professional Production Company and which Prasch constantly praised.
Until he didn’t.

Meanwhile, at least some of the Moriel / RTN board knew about this according to emails which we now have, as they resorted to cloning our website having purchased the ‘’ name, fraudulently pretending to be Bethel Communications on Facebook and on other social media, doxing (serious and illegal) by showing a photo of my home, my address and sharing my private cell number and other personal information. 
Prasch is one of the few people who had it, alongside Charles Jardine who is the one responsible for all of it – including writing the death threats according to the cyber folk who traced him quickly.
We know each other and it took all of ten minutes once the authorities got the details to identify him.
Most of us doubt he can possibly be a Christian but I’ll address him here – so Chas – your web trail told us who you are and your fruit tells us what you are and your stupidity tells us where you are. You are now on a watch list so don’t bother coming after me or paying somebody else to do it… 

Jardine, whose company Nathan Software changed names as often as Prasch did, and who rarely filed their returns in time to the authorities, resulting in them being struck off at certain times, has attacked me out of sheer vindictiveness. He is also guilty of stealing IP; slander; using unGodly editing and Photoshop effects to grow horns on my head and give me a crystal ball whilst playing ‘Devil Woman’; depict me as a prostitute on my knees in scanty clothes cleaning the toilet; using somebody else’s files and then accusing me of being that person – an anonymous blogger called Tbckawaii who we have never met and whose identity we did not know.

They also broke the law by uploading copyright protected films which belong to their distributors, and worst of all, encouraging death threats by lying about me, thus further inflaming Prasch and Moriel followers.
Below* in red, is a repeatable example of what he wrote.
*See the letter at the foot of the page from my husband to this coward who isn’t even big enough to use his own name.
The website has been taken down as have the videos and they are blocked by Google and we thank the police for their vigilance.

When a cult is allowed to continue unchallenged, life goes on as normal, however when their wrong-doings are revealed, *the threat below is the type of message I receive from them. There are others.  The police have copies of it all – as do we. Prasch pretends not to know who it is, stupidly stating he has nobody called ‘Caio Michael’ on his database! ‘Ciao’ is an Italian greeting and the person signed off as “michaelphilpsngbotgan” stupidly leaving an IP address behind.
There was another threat which mentioned “drinking the koolade” – which killed nearly 900 people who were members of a cult in the Jonestown Massacre as well as another one via Facebook Messenger which again had subliminal suggestions that I commit suicide. The writer of that one definitely knew me and the style of writing is very recognisable. It was a spoofed profile to somebody who doesn’t exist using the picture of a woman who was raped and wrote a book about it.
Very nice.
The police are in receipt of every single one that I have received and have been building a case since June 2020 when Prasch made a video where he gave details of my life and death operation, implying that it was because I had come against him and that he had “prayed for me” – forgetting that The Bible states –

“We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will.”

AND – “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”

John 9:31 and 1 Peter 3:12

*Hell Deborah you fat smelly mutant tuna fish stinking aids ridden unwanted piece of garbage. Just had a lookthrough your vile websites , not impressed I must say. This is because you don’t even have the strength the put your name on your vile juvenile posts that wouldn’t merit the attention of a chimpanzee. Anyways, pleasure as always! – I guess your still living in that pish stained dump of place through in Scotland’s unwanted zone? (East coast, namely fife?). – I may actually come through one night and pay you a “visit” – ah yes. Anyway, needless to say I will now be moderating your posts, remember this – you may hide behind a fake alias; Alas, so am I, nevertheless I can get to you anytime :-).

Speak soon, you fat waste of space, tell that plank face hubby I was thinking of him, and the kids (oh wait you don’t have any). Caio; Michael.

michaelphilpsngbotgan    december 11, 2020 at 6:13 pm

*Prasch chose to share (only) the first line [in bold above] of that message on Facebook and his 2 websites and then wrote:

We cannot comment on his claim that Deborah Menelaws has aids; her personal health issues are none of our business.”
(James (Jacob) Prasch on Facebook, and his 2 websites, 22nd December 2020)

Nothing about the threat or anything else. Of course I don’t have AIDs! As one Brother in Christ put it, even somebody in the world would apologise and arrange to have such people cease… but this is Prasch and the Moriel cult – without an ounce of Christianity in sight. There have been other threats and veiled threats, urging me to kill myself. However, having continued to deride me about being ‘Jezebel’, yet again he shows everybody how I’m going to die by sharing an old picture. Thanks Mr Prasch – I’m sure my Heavenly Father has something to say about that.


Our investigation into the man known as ‘Jacob’ Prasch began long before 2018 when others picked up on his mishandling of Biblical principles – but we finally update our report today, supremely qualified as former apologists for Prasch, with a very serious warning to each and every one of us. It is written in genuine love with no malice aforethought as an attempt to reach those who have been sucked into this group which has been widely recognised as a cult now. My statements are plain facts which are tough facts.

So here is the first part of the warning. Do NOT blaspheme The Holy Spirit, which can be done by deliberately bearing false witness – that is DELIBERATELY lying about those who are in ministry and are infilled and led by the Holy Spirit. These people are GOD’S servants and DELIBERATELY telling lies about them is a very serious crime in God’s eyes.

OUTSIDE are … everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”

Revelation 22:15

It’s bad enough to spread such slander and gossip – God HATES that too – but to deliberately make up lies and stories about servants of The Lord is a very serious crime indeed. In fact, the man we have been investigating is guilty of all 7 things that God hates as Prasch sheds the innocent blood of those in genuine Godly ministry which he tries to destroy.

“These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren”

Proverbs 6:16-19

And yet, our loving God still gives opportunity after opportunity to repent, to put it right, to apologise but James Aloysius Prasch – known as ‘Jacob’ has resolutely refused to do so, after lying for years about anybody who questions him or stands up to his bullying. If there is no actual sin that he can find, he makes it up. Slanderous personal accusations that have caused several people to end up in a very dark place mentally and spiritually and even in hospital physically because of the stress he puts them under.

However, he is not as clever as the antichrist will be and if you are fooled now – you most certainly will be fooled later because things are worse than even we realised. Much worse.

Having worked with Reachout Trust in the past as well as ministering to those in the cults and teaching churches how to recognise and deal with them as part of our own ministry, we sadly recognised James ‘Jacob’ Prasch as a personality cult leader when we and others reached out to him to ask him to handle a ministry situation with another leader in a Biblical manner. We had previously considered Prasch a brother who we had worked with many times and who had stayed in our home frequently over many years, yet out of the blue, I personally received the threat of war if I ‘came against him’ and that I ‘would be sorry’…


We had a horrible realisation that this was not the voice of a Christian brother but of a bully or thug. Soon after, when we saw that other Godly brothers and sisters, who, like us, had not a single slur against their names or ministries, suddenly came under attack not only from him and his ‘ministry’ called Moriel but also from their followers, that we realised that we actually have a personality cult leader in our midst. And a cult leader by definition, leads a cult.
So it was very puzzling to hear him telling the same lie again and again on video and in writing on social media – that some of us ‘support and promote’ a heretic. But it turns out to be true – and ‘prophetic’. He was right. For years we had supported and promoted James ‘Jacob’ Prasch – The Heretic.

To be very honest, I never thought I would say that about him. His character left everything to be desired yes, but heresy? Surely not. Until a few days ago.

©Bethel Communications 2020

I have recently read, listened and watched him writing and speaking blasphemy on different dates over the last 11 years – although he claims that he has actually taught it for 20 years and one man contacted us saying he heard him teach it 30 years ago in Richmond, England – his message being that we are saved by the occult mythical figure called the metatron. Well, I’ve never seen that word in the English Bible – or in the Hebrew or Greek versions – and that’s because it isn’t in there. So who or what is the metatron or ‘metatrone‘ as he calls it?

Metatron is an angel in Judeo-Islamic and Christian mysticist mythology mentioned in a few brief passages in the Aggadah and in mystical Kabbalistic texts within the Rabbinic literature. The name Metatron is not mentioned in the Torah and how the name originated is a matter of debate. In Islamic tradition, he is also known as Mīṭaṭrūsh (Arabic: ميططروش‎), the angel of the veil. In folkloristic tradition, he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe or “recording angel”.In Jewish apocrypha and early kabbalah, “Metatron” is the name that Enoch received after his transformation into an angel. (Hebrew: מֶטָטְרוֹן Meṭāṭrōn, מְטַטְרוֹן Məṭaṭrōn, מֵיטַטְרוֹן Mēṭaṭrōn, מִיטַטְרוֹן Mīṭaṭrōn) or Mattatron (מַטַּטְרוֹן Maṭṭaṭrōn) Wikipedia

There is no reason to believe that Metatron exists. In fact, some of the legends concerning Metatron are decidedly unbiblical. There is only “one mediator between God and men,” and it is not an angel. It is “the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).
The Bible says that such myths and legends are unprofitable. “Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly” (1 Timothy 4:7; see also Colossians 2:18-19).

Saying THAT CREATURE saves us – is blasphemy. There is no other name for it.
This is blasphemous heresy.


‘One for Israel’ told me that they did not give permission for Prasch to use their footage in his cobbled together video where he states that ‘One for Israel’ are in agreement with his claim that the metatron saves us and all his other heretical statements below*.
One for Israel’ don’t know who Prasch is and they do NOT believe that the metatron is Yeshua Ha Mashiach / Jesus Christ Who died for us. Quite the opposite.

Dr Eitan Bar, their director of media and evangelism told me: “On the issue of “the Metatron” – I do not believe in the Metatron nor that he exists. I only see him as a fictional character, an imaginary mythical figure who I only refer to, as a rabbinic myth. The only purpose in referring to this concept is to show Orthodox Jews that the concept of “the son of God” exists in their literature as well, and therefore the concept of Yeshua, the Son of God is not a “pagan non-Jewish” one, as most rabbis today will claim against Christianity.”

They also state on their website that “the New Testament was written long before the book of Zohar and the rest of the sages’ literature. While Metatron does not appear in the Hebrew Scriptures, conveniently, the Jewish sages invented him as a substitute for Jesus, whom they rejected”.

Below is a very short video showing where Prasch has also written about it in his unpopular, unintelligible and un-cited tome called Harpazo, which he can’t even give away free on Amazon. He has destroyed his own ministry by trying to destroy many legitimate ministries led by Godly people. It’s absolutely tragic – but before we feel sorry for him – remember – even worse, he has made his followers twice the sons of Hell by leading them into this gross deception. (Matthew 23:15)

Good Grief!!! This is the 7th August 2020 – and I can hardly believe my eyes – again – as Prasch now promotes the Kabbalah by citing what Jews for Jesus have written, in his effort to say that they agree with him about the metatron. Seriously! I am (almost) speechless where they state :

“There is no knowledge that proves the Divinity of the Messiah better than . . . kabbalah.” (Jews for Jesus website, 9th Feb 2010 – quoted by Moriel Ministries)

I get what they’re trying to do – but the measure Prasch has meted out to others with the tiniest sliver of a connection to anything dodgy is now being meted out to him. I believe that is the correct thing to do because most of us knows he doesn’t promote kabbalah… But wait a minute – perhaps I should write that he didn’t promote kabbalah???- but that is how it ‘appears’ – so if perhaps if he understands how it feels when he does this to other people, he may come to a wonderful repentance, praise God!

However, there’s no denying that the complete litany of Prasch’s blasphemy is truly horrifying – along with his claim that we should sing about the blood of the (scape)goat who died for us.
NO we will NOT. (Warning: prepare to be dazzled by his ‘Grateful Dead’ T-shirt when you click on that link!)

Yeshua Ha Maschiach – Jesus The Christ – is The LAMB of God Who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29), again John calls Him The Lamb of God to the others (John 1:36), only The Lamb is found worthy of opening the scroll in Rev 5. In Rev 21:14, The Lamb has 12 apostles, and in Rev 19, He holds the wedding feast. I’m not going to any feast with a goat…
No goat paid the price for my sins – or anybody else’s.

Perhaps he needs to ask a proper theologian or other Bible scholar who can explain the theology behind The Precious Blood of The Lamb, Who takes away the sins of the world?


I believe that The Lord has allowed James ‘Jacob’ Prasch’s heresy to be exposed, as he is being judged by the same measure he has judged others – others who have apologised and repented and corrected themselves if necessary – yet HE, Prasch, has made himself their judge and jury – and executioner – and not forgiven them.

He continues to call them either a heretic or reminds everybody of their error – real or imagined eg David Nathan, Amir Tsafarti, Jan Markell – all bona fide Jews. Do you see a pattern here from somebody who for years claimed he was part Jewish? Only he was lying. Big time. (See here ). Does he think you get more donations that way? He did marry a Romanian Jew, which then allowed him – as her husband – to make Aliyah ie to live in Israel, which is why he has the papers saying that.

Below is a link to just a small sample of what he has said and done and some of the ministries and men who have tried to lovingly deal with him. It makes horrible viewing but Jesus Himself warned us that in these days, MANY would be deceived and MANY would be led astray. My job is not to ‘burn the heretic’ – but to set the prisoners free. Jesus Christ, Son of The Most High God, has redeemed us if we come to Him in humility and contrition. If you have been ensnared in the Moriel cult, there are many of us ready to take your hand and help in any way we can, because most of us know what it’s like to be deceived and then to have our eyes opened – and the anxiety that can follow as we doubt our own mind and wonder who we can trust… so please watch these video links and make up your own mind.


Serious Warning – Heresy

I am issuing a very real warning. To his followers, supporters and promoters. His fans. His defenders. Those who make excuses for him because not to do so exposes their own foolishness in following him. But most of us have been there – so PLEASE – I beg you. Humble yourself before God, repent. He is quick and just to forgive because He is Love – BUT there comes a point where there is no return to The Father, because it is not the flesh, not even the devil, but it is God Himself Who turns a person over to the STRONG delusion, because they do not have a love for The Truth, and would rather revel in unrighteousness, (2 Thess 2:11-12). They enjoy having their ears tickled at the scandal and gossip and watching a man ranting and railing at the supposed sins of others. But what is worse than anything is that Prasch is a proven liar of the highest degree, who has been caught in way more than 50 lies. We lost count, but 100 of his un-repented sins are illustrated in an excellent little film which has been temporarily taken down. That number has now risen to 133 apparently.

And remember – there is NO excuse for what Prasch has said – even though he will try to explain it away now he’s been outed. He calls himself a teacher – and he has taught these heretical beliefs with great clarity. There is no dubiety that he means what he says and says what he means. And he is very, very wrong. There is NO OTHER Name under Heaven by which we are saved (Acts 4:12).

It may be easiest to READ his claims. In his quarterly newsletter from September 2009 on page 15, near the bottom, he writes In Conclusion… – so, rather than having to trawl through the rest of it, there is a copy below. He is clearly urging us to use this kabbalistic, occult figure when witnessing to a Jew. Can you imagine what he would say about ANYBODY else who said this? In other words, using Holy scripture and the evidence of the Jewish Mashiach to the Jewish people isn’t good enough?

To print and teach this disgusting heresy is unconscionable as somebody else wrote recently. Or that we need the blood of the goat? He would go berserk and call them every type of heretic under the sun if anybody else had said such a thing. He is now being judged by that same measure – there is NO excuse good enough to excuse such blasphemy and for sharing a false gospel which has another Jesus and most certainly another spirit – which is no Gospel at all – see 2 Cor 11:1-15. He writes:

“Who is the Metatrone (sic)? YeshuaHaMashiach, “Jesus the Messiah”. The New Testament? Yes! Is that what I think? It is what I know. If you don’t want to believe me, believe your own rabbis.” …. “My dear Jewish friends, if you are reading this, the Metatrone is the Messiah; the Metatrone is God who became a man; the Metatrone is the only one who can give you salvation; the Metatrone is the only one who can bring you to the Jerusalem above that your rabbis teach you about; the Metatrone is the only one, the only way, the only future you have…”
(by James “Jacob” Prash, Moriel Quarterly Newsletter, September 2009, Page 15 near the bottom – titled “In Conclusion”...
Read Here: MetatronMoriel09 or Download a copy of the newsletter below:

Moriel Newsletter September 2009Download

If you require further proof, listen and Watch him speaking here last year at Devore Church, California, whose pastor Marco Quintana is a trustee of Moriel and an enabler of Prasch : and another researcher made this short video bringing the facts together.


On Being Jewish – or Not?

I discovered shortly after his mother passed away, that James Prasch has lied for decades about being part Jewish. He always admitted that his mother was Roman Catholic and we prayed earnestly for her salvation, but he would never answer my very rare question about his dad. However, Prasch claims claims that his dad was a non religious Jew who ‘sent him to the Jewish community centre’.
Seriously? [I think that’s my 4th ‘seriously!???) There are too many weird things going on with this group – and I tell you, I’ve dealt with JWs, SDAs, LDS and many, many other pseudo Christian groups and cults, and I’ve seen nothing like this Moriel group.
When I was a teenager, I went to a catholic community centre for the youth club – but that didn’t make me a catholic any more than it made Prasch a Jew by going to their community centre! It’s preposterous!
In fact, he was christened James Aloysius Prasch Jr after his father – the middle name being their Roman Catholic saint’s name.
We know from the 1940 census when his dad JAP Snr was 14 years old, he lived at 17 Story Court, Bayonne, Hudson, New Jersey. His siblings (the uncle who became a Freemason and the 3 aunts) were called John, Isabel, Florence and Anna and the parents (Prasch’s paternal grandparents) were George and Anna Prasch. Not very ‘Jewish’ sounding… He went to a ‘good catholic school of course…

We can see his name clearly on the alumni roll from St Mary’s Star of The Sea school in his home town of Bayonne, New Jersey. If you click the link above to go to the page, scroll down the second column to near the end of 1967 – you’ll see him there. (See screen grab above.) The same name as is shown on his birth certificate HERE and on this excellent video made by another investigator.



What confirms the research is why his DAD who was a New Jersey cop known as ‘Red’ has a Roman Catholic name (and a cross above it on the grave stone) and his dad before him, right back… Prasch is not a Jewish name – never has been. In fact, we defy you to try to find any Prasch with a Jewish forename.
But hey, if he can produce 2 pieces of proof and can show us his brit milah certificate signed by the local Rabbi (who gives us his email to contact him to confirm it) (what do you mean it sounds like we don’t trust him?…) and if another member of the immediate Prasch family confirms and proves that they are part Jewish – we will all issue a formal apology, I’m sure. 
However, his dad and his brother and their parents and their families – all going waaaaay back, have NOTHING to do with Israel, Jews, Judaism or anything even remotely Hebrew. He has lied to us all, treating us like idiots, because he thinks we’re all too stupid to work it out. And he was right for years.

But it won’t happen. According to the records, which we’ve been able to trace back to the 1600s, there is not a drop of Jewish blood in James (Jimmy) Prasch and he has been unable to publicly prove otherwise, hard as he’s tried, waving fake ID (that was an application form in Hebrew), fake family tree (that was a notarised copy of the birth certificate of a man born in 1905 called Werner Adolf Brash. No relation as his family tree shows they were called Prasch for about 200 years) and fake DNA (see the next paragraph below).
In fact according to both Israeli, American and British Jewish archives, there is no Jew of that name other than one who has married into the family. He has even lied that the name Prasch is derived from ‘Pharisee’ – which is absolute nonsense – it is derived from ‘Brasch’ and is a solid German name going back centuries.
A member of his family also confirmed this to another researcher however apparently Jimmy Prasch shows some sort of ‘aliyah card’ to personal friends. This proves nothing, as he is married to a Jew which gave him permission to go with her to live in Israel where their children were born.

Fake DNA – He has also shown fake DNA findings too. It’s unbelievable. Literally. But we have the proof that what he showed on a video was a tribal migratory map showing the 3-way split between farmers, hunter gatherers and others. If he really had proof of his DNA from iGenea, he’d be showing one of several other documents which show a complete breakdown of up to 12 people groups, all clearly notated.
So far, he has shown 3 ‘fake’ documents on a video in his bid to have his followers and enablers utterly snared. He KNOWS we all know it’s fake – as long as the poor souls in his cult are believing it, that’s all he’s interested in. After all, they’re the ones that make the donations.
Here is the video, and in the description area underneath it is a document showing all the records that you can download



James (Jacob) Prasch of Moriel Ministries (USA) and Moriel Missions (UK) – is a person who continues to lie and spread false information as well as teaching another Jesus and another Gospel.

After a number of years of hoping this individual would apologise for his blatantly hateful campaign, which in turn is misleading the immature Christian, it has become necessary to expose his lies to help those who have been ensnared.

Whilst it is always important to help those who are harmed by such wilful deceptions, it is nevertheless a tragedy to see any person fall into such shameful behaviour, ultimately filling their own lives with a cancer of hate and spite.

Watch the film here

A Sad Day…


Stewart Menelaws is an accredited professional and is the director of The Daniel Project TV documentary and The Daniel CONNECTION film amongst many other works.

As a Bible believing Christian, he has faithfully served The Body of Christ for almost 3 decades, working alongside and faithfully helping many other ministries. As a response to the wicked allegations that his wife Deborah “disgusts Jesus” and is “FILTHY!!!” (said with much venom), Stewart has now felt it necessary to make this statement – and to warn the Church at large.

James (Jacob) Prasch of Moriel Ministries (USA) and Moriel Missions (UK) – is a person who continues to lie and spread false information as well as teaching another Jesus and another Gospel. After a number of years of hoping this individual would apologise for his blatantly hateful campaign, which in turn is misleading the immature Christian, it has become necessary to expose his lies to help those who have been ensnared. Whilst it is always important to help those who are harmed by such wilful deceptions, it is nevertheless a tragedy to see any person fall into such shameful behaviour, ultimately filling their own lives with a cancer of hate and spite.

Watch the film here

“The drunken baboon who needs a bra….”*


It is 7am on a beautiful Resurrection Sunday morning as I watch the sun rise over the sea outside my window. I was just about to spend time with my Heavenly Father in my morning devotional with Him, when my phone pinged and an email with the intriguing subject line caught my eye. “The drunken baboon who needs a bra….”

I was about to delete it immediately – it was obviously spam – then a name caught my eye and I have decided to share it with you if you’re interested. As I have no idea what the writer is referring to, I have set this post to go live in 8 hours from now which will give me the chance to pull it if required. You’ll understand if you read on…

Dear Deborah, I am writing as your brother in Christ to ask your forgiveness. You don’t know me or my wife, but we have followed Jacob Prasch for 2 years and have enjoyed some of his insights. His teaching style is unusual to say the least and we have found ourselves making frequent excuses for his confrontational manner when our fellow congregants have wondered why we watch him.

Your name comes up every couple of weeks with Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore and others although we had never heard of you, but last night I heard Prasch call you a “Jezebel” (again) on his Daughters of Zion live stream but this time he also called you “filthy” and “disgusting” and it was said with such venom I thought it was time to check you out as you are obviously some sort of evil harridan.

It took me a few minutes to find you online as I wasn’t sure how to spell your surname and another few minutes to realize that we DO know who you are because we heard your seminars when you were touring the country with Caryl Matrisciana. What you taught was life changing for us both as you explained about apostasy and deception. There was no way you could be the same person Prasch was describing. Then I realized you ARE and now we know WHY he keeps trying to pull you down after reading your 30 page report on his wicked exploits. [See Here – DM]

We then watched you speaking on Global Vision tv and I have found your website and am contacting you to warn you not to watch that baboon (I can’t call him anything else). He is no brother and now God has opened our eyes and we cannot believe we have been so deceived by him. The Daughters of Zion video is not on youtube now for some reason but I took a screen grab to show you that only 28 people were watching so please don’t worry about him. I will be sure to let everybody know that he is a liar and a drunk. I say that because he sounded drunk 2 weeks ago when he was slurring his words and becoming very exercised. His voice rose a couple of octaves reminding us of a stuck pig (an old fashioned phrase you will have to google) and now we have read an article about that too I see that we were not wrong.

Please forgive us for not investigating sooner and to warn you about what he has been saying but we will never watch him again and will be sure nobody else will amongst our brethren and denomination although investigating you has been liberating as we have found your excellent resources and wish you and your husband all good things and a very happy Easter.

PS My wife is going to send Prasch her old bras for his burgeoning bust but I think it is because he needs all the support he can get. Hahaha.

*Please note these title words are not my words and though I appreciate my brother’s heart in writing this, it’s not language I would use but it’s certainly eye catching. I continue to leave Prasch in God’s Hands.

I don’t know this couple and have not seen the video they refer to but am very thankful though I have no idea why Prasch would describe me as “filthy and disgusting” but as he hates those of us who have exposed his vile practices we regularly receive messages from people leaving the Moriel cult after they’ve heard him mention my name. Apparently he is obsessed with me and a couple of folks have mentioned that he tries to copy our ministry which we don’t mind as it is the sincerest form of flattery! God knows! It sounds like a good thing that his video is not live but as my beloved husband says – “as for me and my house – we will serve The Lord” And that’s all that matters to us – especially on this most special of days in the Christian calendar.
He is Risen!

It is almost 3pm and somebody else has just sent me the following video clip which I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel and it has arrived just as this post was about to go live. Thank You Lord. Sounds like Prasch hasn’t only upset decent minded Christians but more importantly, he has yet again blasphemed The Holy Spirit. It doesn’t bother me – though I don’t think my ‘covering’ who is my protector, my beloved husband and church pastor will be very pleased when he sees it. However, I do think this clip goes to prove that all that the researchers and discernment type ministries have been saying about him is correct. He is a reprobate and there are no Fruit of The Holy Spirit. Just watch the difference in how he addresses the well known false teachers and then how he addresses me! I have the strangest feeling that he doesn’t like me very much… However, I do not fear man and live to do the will of God in the ministry He has called me to. To Sound the Alarm and Communicate Truth – and expose false teachers and heretics like James Aloysius (k/a Jacob) Prasch. All under the covering of my Godly husband – under Christ.
James ‘Jacob’ Prasch as he really is…

Prasch comes against the brave Jewish women of the IDF, the firefighters and police in his effort to make a case against the well known false teachers Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore and Cindy Jacobs – HOWEVER he also ADDS a woman who already warns about THESE women in there – Deborah Menelaws – and ensures that nobody is in any doubt as to what he thinks of HER!
But why? Oh yes, she exposed HIS lies and heresy too…


Update 7th December 2020 – To the anonymous person who cloned my website and is still doxing me*, leading to me receiving death threats from Moriel followers, as noted in the article above, my husband Stewart writes to you lower down the page, in an attempt to help you do what is right in the sight of The Lord Jesus Christ.  It is my hope you will think very carefully and prayerfully what is said to you, because, before God, I have not lied about anything below, all proof is available here or elsewhere online, and we are not hiding behind any false name – most especially that of the anonymous blogger known as Tbckawaii.

You have also repeated gossip which began with James (Jacob) Prasch which defames us both in his effort to blacken our names because of what I have exposed, so that people like you who are his followers will believe him  – and not me – or any of the other researchers who have uncovered Prasch’s substantial deceptions over the years as he lies again and again to his followers about himself and worse, he lies again and again about every person who God has used to uncover his many falsehoods.

FURTHER UPDATE – 2021 – Forensic evidence has shown that Moriel, led by James Prasch is responsible through their RTN ‘ministry’.

My husband Stewart is not connected to social media sites nor to Bethel Communications whose ministry is to Sound the Alarm and Communicate Truth, so that is the reason his message to you has been posted here by me. We both write in The Name of – and the fear of The Lord – as His servants.  Because of what you have done, it has led to me asking further questions which are dated 20th December below. 

Also, regarding your comments directly to us on that website, the so called ‘Fair Use Policy’ has no jurisdiction in the UK and rarely holds up in any court of law in the US when others break copyright and detrimentally affect the lives of those whose copyright they’ve stolen. 

As for making these vile films about me which include portraying me as a prostitute cleaning toilets with the film dressed up as a GV broadcast (Prasch knew I had a little cleaning business to help pay the bills because all our money goes into the ministry) as well as growing horns on my head and adding a pointy chin with ‘ She’s Just a Devil Woman’ played over it, no Christian man would ever do such a thing to a woman, so yet again, the ugly fruit of Moriel and its followers clearly show forth again. Jesus and His followers treated woman with respect and kindness, and I have done nothing to deserve any less. 

We have never, ever made such films or portrayed ANYBODY in such a manner. Those who wrote that ‘there is a strong association with Tbckawaii’ have no excuse to make these derogatory videos. We know as much as anybody else about who he is – and that’s only from what he has published about himself. We have never met him, seen him or spoken to him. 

You have wickedly done all this, claiming that you think we are him or know who he is? Seriously? That’s DISGUSTING behaviour and you should be ashamed. 

If Moriel and its supporters and followers think they can bully me and others into covering their sins, which to my shame I had already done for many, many years, then you have another think coming because every time another lie is told about me, The Lord clearly shows that where we are innocent, they are in fact guilty of that very same crime. 


Seeking Help? 

Update 17th August 2020 – as the ranting ranter rants in vain, one can almost feel sorry for this ungodly man who has nowhere to turn, other than to repeat his lies ad nauseum and get himself deeper and deeper in trouble. As is typical of personality cult leaders when they are called out on their ad hominem and defamation of others, all they can do is rant and then accuse others of doing the same thing. (There is a further update and shocking example in pink text, dated 27th August at the foot of this page) 

The original report and a letter from my husband is at the bottom of this page in blue however, I don’t use an alias like that coward and continue to urge you to check out every single claim below – as I repeat that I am willing to be sued if any of it is a lie. I am a researcher and am accountable to God first, my husband second and my church and brethren next. If you think the above is Godly behaviour – you need help – and if you are in the Moriel cult and have been bewitched by its leader Prasch – you also need help and it is readily available and ministered in love.
One precious Sister in Christ called Sally, was so vilely threatened by Prasch that she eventually wanted to end her life. I have interviewed her and have her true testimony which is very upsetting and I will share it at the appropriate time because he actually carried out the threat and told a huge thumping great lie about her in an effort to make her shut up. It was so bad, he was forced to take down the video and the FaceBook post – but not before we got copies. Thankfully, a friend persuaded Sally to speak to a spiritual abuse counsellor. If Prasch or anybody else makes you feel that bad, please just get in touch either directly with us or contact Graham Baldwin through the Catalyst Counselling website.
But even Mr Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling gets it from Prasch too. Nobody is immune and yet he has been a lovely, kind and understanding gentlemen – refusing even to accept financial help from us with his travel expenses when he came to us to examine our books, accounts and records and get my own testimony.  

Mr Baldwin’s charity helps people of every background and orientation – something Prasch has heavily criticised him for on several occasions – because he helps homosexuals and people of other faiths – so yes, Prasch IS like a Biblical Pharisee; and also like the ones of yore, he is a real hypocrite. He’d be right in there, stoning the woman caught in adultery and chasing the drinkers and tax collectors away – because he thinks they’re sinners and don’t ‘deserve’ a Saviour. 

Mr Baldwin is an expert witness in High Court cases, he doesn’t charge any money for the incredible work he does, counselling people and helping them get out of cults – and he says that James Jacob Prasch is probably the most wicked man he’s ever met in all his years – and he’s met many – as Prasch masquerades as a Christian – which makes it all the more reprehensible. 


And finally, to the nameless bullying cowards who attack me as a woman of God, my husband wishes to speak to you directly. =================== 

To the individual this concerns – since you hide your identity, you know who you are and The Lord Almighty knows who you are. [Added later – now WE know who you are too]
In The Name above all names – The Lord Jesus Christ, it is my hope that you will read very carefully the words set before you; there is a call to action and you have a decision to make. I implore you to consider very carefully.
Creating spoofed website/social media content with the sole intention of promoting slander, falsehood and false testimony is an unacceptable practice for anyone, be they a person of faith or not. No matter how misguided and immature, there is nothing that can justify such an action.
Since I have been informed you use Biblical scriptures as if to make a point – then I presume you believe yourself to have some alignment with The Lord Jesus Christ. If this is the case, you are duty bound by the greatest commandment (love) to bring your accusations before those you accuse – privately (Matt 5:23-26 and 18:15-17 give a little insight – many more instructions throughout the New Testament letters).
It is important for every believer in Christ to understand that those who bear false witness and spread false testimony will bring terrible judgement upon themselves (Ex 23:1-2 & Lev 19:16-18 & Deut 19:16-19).
Those who attribute satanic works to God-fearing servants of The Lord are in danger of blaspheming The Holy Spirit (Matt 12:31) and those who partake in lying will not enter The Kingdom of Heaven (Rev 21:9)
Since we have these grave warnings – it is imperative to be sure we have not fallen foul of any ungodly acts – submitting to one another in love helps this learning process and is a good reason to be part of a Christ centred God fearing assembly.
As you do not give your name and remain in the shadows – an act in itself which is ‘hidden’ – from the Latin root meaning ‘occult’ – it is my hope that you will have the courage to contact me directly – something you will find easy to do. If you are genuinely seeking truth, you will make direct contact with me and you can respectfully bring forth your charges against my wife. Of course if you are able, a face to face meeting is always preferable. As long as you are respectful you will be treated civilly and your charges listened to and where applicable you will be given answers which may be supported by verification from independent testimony, thereby ensuring complete openness on my part, enabling you to make a correct judgement as well as giving the opportunity to apologise for wrongs done.
“The Lord sees everything you do. Wherever you go, he is watching.” (Proverbs 5:21)
Without love we are all a clanging gong (1 Cor 13:1-13) and God has no part in our lives (1 John 4:20-21) – love demands openness – it is my hope you will do the right thing. To be uninformed is to be at someone else’s mercy and in turn may lead to dreadful self-deception.

In Christ Jesus: Stewart Menelaws. 


Chris Roseborough – Update 27th August 2020 Because of his research which has exposed further sins and lies committed by James Aloysius Prasch who calls himself Jacob, Chris Rosebrough – of Fighting for the Faith and Pirate Christian Radio is another man, a Lutheran pastor, who has been vilified most cruelly by Prasch with accusations about his family and absolutely NO attempt made to verify the facts – as always. There’s a special place for those who conduct and condone such behaviour.

We are about dealing in facts with all evidence available to examine, however cult members can identify themselves as being in the Moriel cult by the fact they don’t WANT to check the facts. Chris’s videos are as follows – and you can understand why Prasch doesn’t want his followers to watch them and therefore tries to discredit Chris’s ministry through his family by sharing gossip and slander: Prasch just doesn’t care what he uses to continually try to discredit the legitimate ministries which are exposing his sins. If he tells the lie often enough, it will become a truism as far as he’s concerned. And he’s very good at it.

Chris writes: “The first link is my account of what I’ve suffered at the hands of these slanderers. It also contains both letters given to me by the AALC exonerating me by virtue of the fact that no evidence was ever produced that substantiated any of the slanderous allegations leveled against me.”

Article 2 – Is my son’s account of what he was made to suffer through the slander of his ex-wife and more specifically the lies of his ex-mother in law. 
In this article, Joshua documents his behind the scenes fight against the slander being spewed by them and in it makes it perfectly clear that he has never been a homosexual, never had homosexual temptations and never had homosexual relations with anyone, including any of his shipmates during his service in the U.S. Navy. both of those articles were written in February 2019, long before Prasch decided to weigh in on these matters.”