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Jacob – the Evidence

If you don’t know what this is all about – you are blessed – so just move on. It won’t profit you anything except to scare you into being sure that you check EVERYTHING for yourself and not to be taken in because the person saying it makes out he is clever. He is not as clever as the antichrist will be and if you are fooled now – you most certainly will be fooled later.

The Evidence

FINANCES: For those who know what this is about, here is a link to their 990 forms based on their USA accounts showing how they spent the generous donations.

"Compensation" for James Jacob Prasch
 and David Lister of Moriel
“Compensation” for James Jacob Prasch
and David Lister of Moriel

Less than a quarter of the donations they receive go to their ‘good causes’ – $126,000 in the last tax year. That’s $50,000 LESS than James (Jacob) Prasch and David Lister took themselves in the same year. In fact, Lister the treasurer took over $385,000 over the last few years – and he is supposed to have a full time job with Yellow Pages and selling Hollywood Memorabilia (unconfirmed) – AND he claims to work between 35 and 40 hours a week for Moriel. Likewise, Prasch sells domain names (seriously!) and we were advised by one of his close friends that he apparently advises private investors about the benefits of investing in charities / 501(c)(3)s. No wonder he wants to keep it private.

Let’s compare this with a business which works as a ministry – the opposite of Moriel which is a ‘ministry’ that is actually a business. Prasch attacked Studio Scotland, a professional film and TV production company which has done less and less secular work over the last decade, and has for nearly 15 years produced a free online Christian TV network with 24 channels featuring top experts from around the world called Global Vision TV at which gives a Biblical world view on all sorts of subjects.
Also, amongst many other Christian productions, they also produced 2 secular projects to reach the unsaved to the glory of God. These are a TV documentary (The Daniel Project) and a movie based on it called The Daniel CONNECTION – which still owes the production company more than £150,000 production costs and nearly $10,000 distribution costs. Contrary to just one of Jacob Prasch’s many lies, they have NOT personally sold either film to anybody – and certainly not to Hollywood – and have NEVER benefited financially from any Christian work they produced – which they do at their own expense. That means that the directors WORK, doing all sorts of secular jobs to make money to pay for everything they produce in ministry. They take seriously Romans 13:8 which exhorts us to have no debt other than the debt of love.
Because the Studio Scotland directors stood up to Moriel and Prasch to disagree strongly with the way they dealt with another brother in Christ, the only way Prasch could try to shut them up was to attack them – but when they couldn’t find anything they had done wrong, they made it up – trusting that because these company directors were strong Christians, they would never take them to court!
Here is a copy of the official statement from Studio Scotland explaining the background to the 2 secular films produced by Studio Scotland to reach the lost.
See below for another comparison. This time with Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire Ministries.

Fresh Fire Ministries: Moriel Ministries: You can search the same site for “Todd Bentley” and “Jacob Prasch” to get an easy to review list of years and ‘salary’ for each.

And the Moriel UK charity ‘accounts’ raise several questions as researchers were shocked at the 2018 ones which were filed later than normal since the investigation began for Moriel Missions and which now give a very different picture compared to what was declared previously. They were audited by a man who has been involved with Moriel for at least 6 years and has organised conferences for him. See here

VIDEOS: Here is a link to just a few of the many videos out there. It’s very sorry reading about a man who has fallen far, as The Lord reveals what has been hidden in the darkness. The irony is that if he hadn’t continually lied and accused others of things they weren’t doing, nobody would have looked at their finances. He and Moriel have brought it all down on their own heads.

Here are videos made by a professional counselling organisation who was contacted by just one of the women cruelly bullied by Prasch who became very unwell through it all. The director of the organisation which helps all kinds of people was so appalled by what he saw, he made a warning video. After looking deeper – he made a second one.

And here are some more. We don’t necessarily approve of all videos made about Moriel, but it gives a flavour of what kind of organisation we’re dealing with here. It is embarrassing. Even the muslims mock him.

BEING JEWISH: It now appears that James Prasch has lied for decades about being part Jewish. He admits his mother was Roman Catholic and claims his dad was a non religious Jew. However, he was Christened James Aloysius Prasch Jr. after his father – the middle name being a Roman Catholic saint’s name. We can see from the alumni roll from St Mary’s Star of The Sea school in his home town of Bayonne, New Jersey – if you scroll down the second column to near the end of 1967 – that was indeed his name. The same name as is shown on his birth certificate.
What confirms the research is why his DAD who was a New Jersey cop known as ‘Red’ has a Roman Catholic name and his dad before him, right back… Prasch is not a Jewish name – never has been. In fact, we defy you to try to find any Prasch with a Jewish forename.
But hey, if he can produce 2 pieces of proof and can show us his brit milah certificate signed by the local Rabbi who gives us his email to contact him to confirm (what do you mean it sounds like we don’t trust him?) and if another member of the immediate Prasch family confirms that they are part Jewish – we will all issue a formal apology, I’m sure. 
But it won’t happen. According to the records, there is not a drop of Jewish blood in James (Jimmy) Prasch and he has been unable to publicly prove otherwise. A member of his family also confirmed this to another researcher however apparently he shows some sort of ‘aliyah card’ to personal friends. This proves nothing, as he is married to a Jew which gave him permission to make aliyah with her to live in Israel where their children were born.

His dad’s online memorial

Dad’s brother, Uncle John and
proof that he was a Freemason – and again, definitely not a Jew!

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