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UPDATE as this group makes even more money with Lies, Heresy and Blasphemy

Just a quickie at Update #4 for those who still don’t believe that they are all about the money – Moriel donations were over a $1 million according to their last US tax return to the end of 2022 (we eagerly await the latest…) and nearly a third of that ($320,000) went to Prasch and his 2 co-directors – David Lister and Marco Quintana – the latter who wasn’t even identifed as a ‘pastor’ on the tax return but instead had it paid to his and his wife’s Real Estate business either the one registered in Utah or the one in California or even… Tennessee???

Key Employees and OfficersCompensation
Jacob Prasch (President)$165,400
David Lister (Sec/Treasurer)$90,200
Mt Zion Estates Llc (Director Of Missions)$63,934

“… You need all three. Blood of the lamb. Blood of the goat. Blood of the heifer. These are basic fundamental truths. They’re essentials – yet, few churches teach it – and not many Christians even know about it. It’s quite a thing isn’t it – how you can be saved 25 years or 40 years or something like it or more but not know this. But that’s the way it is…”
(J.Prasch on video link above)

BLASPHEMY that Jews can be saved by “the metatrone” who, according to Prasch, was the only one who died and bled for them… There are plenty of videos here on the subject plus an edition of the Moriel newsletter you can read or download here, where he writes it down clearly on Page 15 – despite the fact that Jesus was a Jew, the Gospel went to the Jews first, and there is NO other Name under Heaven whereby we can be saved. NONE according to Acts 4:12. And this blasphemer has the chutzpah to call others ‘agents of Satan’ for exposing these things whilst at the same time calling other sound teachers ‘heretics’ in a bid to shut me up.
No Mr Prasch. I am The Lord’s servant and will continue to do HIS will. Not yours or your master’s will. Much of the evidence is on the Prasch channel here.
This disgusts the hundreds of believers who no longer follow him and the dozens of pastors who refuse to have him in their pulpits – however there are still many poor souls who do not know their Bibles who just swallow what he says without checking – especially where he has plagiarised / copied others who made basic errors – and he repeats them ad nauseum, showing a frightening lack of Biblical knowledge. Again, his followers also appear to lack the same – or are they doing what this writer used to do, and call it a slip-up and / or make excuses for him? It isn’t a ‘slip-up’ when he teaches the same errors again and again. Here’s another one…

MIDRASH and an excellent article by a real theologian as Prasch continues to build his own kingdom, encouraging his followers that he is the best source of ‘meat’ as they are obviously only on the ‘milk’ and continues to encourage them to leave the established Church – and join his group for teaching and even fellowship. This open letter to Prasch explains why he is NOT teaching you correctly. PLEASE be warned.

PLEASE REMEMBER – DON’T BELIEVE THE LIE – YOU ARE NOT ALONE: There really ARE still some good teachers out there. If you start off at the free Web TV network at Global Vision TV, now featured on YouTube, there are over 25 channels produced by a professional Christian TV studio with around 1,000 short and long format films – from under a minute to around an hour long each. With sound Bible teachers. The team also conduct weekly zoom meetings with discipleship and Bible study for men and women separately. They can recommend others to you if you email them info[at]

UPDATE #3 – much more information has come to light – and as we continue to reveal it in an attempt to warn those few who still follow the Moriel cult – let’s watch the name of Menelaws being defamed again soon as he knows we have proof of his plagiarism and his lies that he was at ‘Oxbridge’. Seriously??!!! This means he will resume his attack on us again as he’s been quiet for a while.
He barely got a diploma in Religious Studies – and we have the proof of that too. We weren’t going to share these facts as his false teaching, heresy and blasphemy are bad enough but as he still insists on lying about these matters, so I’m afraid we need to address this too. And we will.
However, although we are called to expose false teachers etc after trying to reach them for Christ and to repent, it is guaranteed that Prasch’s obsession with Deborah Menelaws (it really is creepy!) will mean that he will attack us again – without using either ministry name of course, ie Global Vision TV and Bethel Communications in case his followers go there and discover the truth…

Plagiarism – It just so happens I’m a member of a certain academic institution and I read papers written about subjects I’m interested in. That’s all I’m saying at this stage. Prasch knows exactly what I’m talking about however, so far, they don’t seem to have had an original idea in their heads, with RTN emulating Global Vision TV in every way possible – right down to their settings on YouTube! It’s so flattering – although that may be a cruel comment as Global Vision TV is a professional studio and errr… we don’t want to be unkind.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery though, as Moriel copies our Discussion Panel concept instead of it always being Prasch himself, Bible Study zoom groups around the world, as well as the meetings around the country. We would rejoice in that to be honest – if we didn’t know what’s behind it – the ambition to build their cult into a church community.
However, knowing they are a cult, we are awaiting their announcement that they will issue their own credentials sometime – probably a little laminated card to say they are all ‘reverands’ unless they learn to spell it correctly!

End Time Films – it also wouldn’t surprise us if Prasch tries to make his own version of our Bible prophecy films like Cup of Trembling – countdown to Armageddon from Bethel Communications, a video made for Christians which has also been used to reach the lost. Then there’s the Not for Profit TV documentary made for unbelievers called The Daniel Project (plus a limited number of the DVD version for Christians to share) produced by Studio Scotland, a professional production company (not a ministry – how could anybody even think that?!) and last but not least, for those unbelievers who won’t watch a documentary, the movie called The Daniel CONNECTION also made by Studio Scotland where at least one soul was saved at the English premiere – all glory to God – and over half a million people altogether have now watched it. Launched at the Cannes Film Festival the rights were given to a famous distributor to get the film in front of as many people around the world as possible – over 350,000 have watched it for free at PopcornFlix alone! Asking questions and seeking answers. Thank YOU Lord! The producers were ecstatic when the distributor said they had ‘sold’ (this means they gave a 2 year licence to show it) to China! How wonderful to get the Gospel of The Kingdom and the signs of The Lord’s return in front of an anti-Christian public. Prasch attacked this mercilessly, saying this was a terrible thing to do and of course lying that the producers made lots of money from that (they continue to PAY the distributor for doing their work – they make NO money from it) and that China would stop it being shown anywhere else???? What??? A true Christian would have been rejoicing. Sadly, the Chinese authorities realised that is is indeed a Christian film and changed their minds which was very disappointing.

As for ‘RTN’ and Moriel in general – copying professionals is typical behaviour for such a group (which is really just one man) but that’s not a hanging offense – we only mention it in passing – it IS flattering but I must say that in our case, it was God Who called us, enabled us, gets ALL the glory! However, in case you haven’t got it clear in your head what else is wrong with Prasch, then remember, there is still very suspicious behaviour going on with the finances… read on for proof.

Things are even worse than we expected regarding Moriel’s financial chicanery as Prasch continues to build his cult group – and urging hosts to ‘pass the basket’ wherever he speaks – netting around $20k or more sometimes and when it’s cash and there is no accountability or receipts, it’s a great little earner as they say in the UK but as honest upstanding Christians, I’m sure it all shows clearly in their accounts – talking of which, can you please send us a copy of the last 7 years for the USA and UK and… in fact all of your autonomous branches – I think you claimed to have 7 or 8 at least? Australia, Canada, Israel, S.Africa, New Zealand – what about India? And Asia – Phillipines? Japan? Thailand? You mentioned China at one time. And Pakistan apparently…
We have the testimonies of 6 different leaders in 5 countries who have told us the same story each time about your insistance to pa$$ the plate.
Dear Reader – if you are serious about knowing the truth, sit down with a cup of your favourite beverage for the well researched and very thorough 4 hour long “Jacob Prasch Exposed – The Fall & Final Chapter” video by Servus Christi, the ministry of Joshua Chavez, yet another witness who was devastated at what he observed after working closely with this cultic organisation.
And of course, yet another one who exposed the sin and was quickly attacked for his business practices by Prasch.
Pot Black and Kettle come to mind, especially after Mr P was the one who gave Joshua the advice to set up as Limited Company in the first place – something that is always a good idea rather than come under Charity Commission liberal, woke and politically correct rules which are supposed to stop you saying and doing bad things or even have freedom of speech.
But OOPS I forgot. You get all that lovely lolly tax free – and you didn’t have to do a day’s work like the rest of us. Just keep asking for donations for all your various ‘good works’ errr without showing us the proof that they actually exist in the form you claim… – other than the Fillipino children of course, who are always a great photo op.
I apologise for my sarcasm which I know is the lowest form of wit – I’ll leave it there. Unless they repent, I fear The Lord may expose it all.
And there’s worse to come, as –

– this was Joshua’s 2nd video investigation into Prasch and Moriel. His first one, The Tragic Fall Of Jacob Prasch & Moriel was an exposé of what Prasch and Moriel plus Charles Jardine of RTN did to Deborah Menelaws where the police had to get involved. From barely veiled death threats plus others from Prasch himself writing disgusting warnings to Deborah using the photo of an author who had been raped, it is astonishing that some of his followers actually think that all of it was made-up!!!
That is true spiritual blindness!
And don’t forget to remind yourself… What did Deborah do to deserve all that?
Oh yes. She is a trained researcher and has headed up one of the original ‘Discernement Ministries’ since the late 80s.
She has never “supported and promoted a heretic” other than Prasch and she was obviously unaware of that at the time.
Remember, you can be sure that if we or anybody else had published ANY lie whatsoever about Prasch or Moriel, John Haller who is affiliated with the Moriel group and whom they claim is their lawyer, would be sure to take action – and quite rightly too.

The finances aren’t the worst thing though. Named after his Roman Catholic dad, James Aloysius Prasch junior – who calls himself Yaakov or Jacob whilst pretending to be part Jewish – is a dangerous false teacher.
Very dangerous – as he continues to encourage his followers to cleave to him alone implying, only he has the truth.
And very, very false – tricking those who lack knowledge of The Word of God with his Heresy including Blasphemy and false Midrash.

UPDATE #2 – In the light of the update from June below, we have more ‘F’ words and vulgar language after Moriel had issued a ‘manifesto’ a while back, saying they would have nothing to do with bad language etc. We’ll see if they actually meant it.
We have received several messages about this from Prasch / Moriel followers in the last 6 weeks. We have now been sent a short video from somebody else – apparently there are 2 people who have downloaded it although I can’t find it anywhere – and no wonder. They took it down quickly.
It’s ‘Jacob’ Prasch’s Word for the Weekend video from Saturday 20th August which shows Moriel’s Charles Jardine in their RTN ‘studio’, where I’m told Prasch has pushed him very hard to try and emulate Global Vision TV, one of the world’s longest serving, professional Christian web TV network which broadcasts from Scotland.
RTN does try to replicate Global Vision TV’s 25 channels of experts, its Weekend Prog and the weekly zoom Bible Study and Discipleship groups for men and women around the world. Good on them!
In fact, Global Vision TV has already stated publicly that it doesn’t bother them in the slightest and in fact they think it is a good thing saying, “God will use whatever He wills. The more sound Bible teaching we can get out there the better.”
However, most people acknowledge that Mr Prasch is NOT a sound teacher – and sadly, RTN “TV” is indeed an amateur outfit which consistently has technical problems and rarely appears on time – although his followers probably don’t mind. But, watching this video we’ve been sent, we DO mind the fact that here is Charles Jardine (according to the name showing on screen) using the ‘F’ word saying “F*** it” when his colleague had switched on the mic and they had gone live without knowing it. We all clearly saw it and heard him. I repeat. It is very, very clear. His name, his voice – and what he said – in front of Prasch and 74 viewers. So, what happened as a result?
More details about this uncouth little man and his even more vulgar big boss follows below.

Church – be warned. If you wish to see the video, please send us an email.

It’s appalling, Moriel knew about it – we saw Prasch’s face and there was a panic and they pulled the whole lot down – but it was up for several minutes and 74 people were watching. Some of whom have already contacted us.
1 Cor 5:9-11 says “I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people — not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one. “
Are you listening John H and Marco? How can you DO this to yourselves – and worse, to those you are responsible for?
Are Prasch and Jardine a ‘fragrant offering and sacrifice to God’? From Prasch with his vulgar talk and filthy mouth to Jardine and his expletives, cloning this website and Facebook and putting up semi pornographic videos supposedly of me, manipulating my features from Global Vision TV to make me look like a witch. the death threats traced to his IP, doxing me by sharing my private contact details and a picture of my house, buying a domain name using my ministry name plus the SSL certificate – all registered to him – in other words, to Prasch and Moriel – because Prasch is on record as saying he is part of RTN.

And ‘the fragrant offering…’? Paul writing to the Ephesians in chapter 5 says, ” Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them…”
THAT is why I will not be shut up or shut down – no matter the threats and the constant lies about me. He claims that I’m SO powerful a ‘Jezebel’ (and oh my goodness, has he twisted God’s precious Word to make a whole false doctrine out of that!)  that all these Godly brothers and sisters who have also stood up to testify and to further expose the Moriel darkness have apparently ALL been bewitched by me. That is how extreme Prasch has become to try to stop his followers discovering the truth.
It is all on police record. Many, many people have asked me to prosecute. I await The Lord.

However, I have actually forgiven these wicked people – after all, this is the ministry I was called to – but unless they repent, The Kingdom of God is closed to them. The Bible is very clear.
What we’re all concerned about is his false teaching, twisting of scripture and heresy that means he is leading his followers to the same place – and like all Personality Cult Leaders, he is separating his followers more and more from Church and any other sound teacher and ministry by decrying them all. He does this by lumping the good people in with the bad. He then follows it up by teaching things they haven’t heard before, pretending he is a Bible teacher who knows the secret things of The Lord – and very sadly, as most of his followers don’t know The Bible very well, they are not checking or understanding what he is doing with scripture. He is very good at this – if wasn’t, he wouldn’t have such an adoring audience.
Ask yourself this. “Do I feel closer to a Holy God and uplifted in the things of Him through Christ Jesus after I watch or listen to Prasch? Do I feel washed by The Word, edified, clean and refreshed?”

However – as we explain further, The Lord is allowing this. The majority of his long time followers have departed over the last 4 years as his carnal behaviour increased and those who DO know The Lord and His Word saw Prasch for who he really is.
A liar – with over 130 lies on record, a reviler, a bully – especially of women which also exposed his misogyny and worst of all – a true heretic. All the proof is here and there is plenty more where that came from.
James Aloysius Prasch junior was called to TEACH. He wanted to be an evangelist, but insists that his calling is as a teacher – however he brought the twisted ideas from the leaders of the 2 cults he was ‘saved’ into… and he quickly learned that by denigrating others – he could make himself look more important.

UPDATE #1: Dear Brethren – if you have come here to find the “Porn, 4 lettered words and ‘fecal matter’” as advertised by James ‘Jacob’ Prasch of Moriel who claims that we have it on our website – in his bid to stop you finding the truth of course , then welcome! You’ll need to read through the whole report to find all the ‘bad bits’. And then some more. Go here
However, for those of you wondering about Graham Baldwin and Catalyst Counselling who have also been mentioned by the notorious cult leader, false teacher, heretic and false brother who has been leading young in the faithuntaught and unspiritual Christians astray, just read on… and do your own research. . 
Below is what other Researchers, reporters and investigators have discovered and what our personal experience has shown.

First of all, let’s address Graham Baldwin and Catalyst Counselling. Mr Baldwin is a well known expert witness who has appeared (and whose evidence is used) in many court cases. He is an expert in the cults, cult leaders and spiritual abuse and his charitable organisation is called Catalyst Counselling. He does not state his own faith beliefs on his website however we have found him to be a lovely Christian brother and it is his great faith and love of The Lord that has led him into helping all sorts of people who are in trouble. He helps people regardless of their faith or none, their sexual orientation, their skin colour, their gender.
And just like the Pharisees accused The Lord Jesus Christ for eating with tax collectors and prostitutes, Mr Baldwin has been maligned for helping non Christians, by somebody who claims his own surname comes from the ancient Hebrew for ‘Pharisee’!*

Graham Baldwin does this for free – at no charge whatsoever – although his website gives a guideline that their running costs are in the region of £50 an hour. Perhaps it is best you check his website for yourself – and 3 of the videos he has has made about this particular case, after being called in by 2 of the women cruelly bullied by Mr Prasch – to the stage of considering taking their own lives – and who needed Graham Baldwin’s expertise and counselling. Always check for yourself. And here are the links to help you do that on Mr Baldwin’s YouTube channel regarding this case…  and Mr Baldwin’s website is at

Mr Baldwin’s accuser is called Jimmy by his Catholic family, James Aloysius Prasch junior on his birth certificate yet he calls himself Yakov and Jacob in his effort to fool his followers into thinking he is (part) Jewish – and this has worked for many years…. If you are one of those who has been led astray by this man – or if you just want to check him out and check out some of the people he has been talking about, and if you are one of those whom The Lord has been gently prodding – and leading – to come out of the Moriel cult, please don’t beat yourself up about being taken in by him. So was I – and many others whom The Lord has set free!
Maybe I am wrong and Prasch is correct? You need the facts to be able to make an informed decision – so read on.
*(It doesn’t mean ‘Pharisee’! Both his parents were Roman Catholic – all the way back for hundreds of years according to his own birth family who eventually had to have the family tree made to counter this man’s claims that he had Jewish blood.) Go the full article.