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A sad day…

Stewart Menelaws is an accredited professional and is the director of The Daniel Project TV documentary and The Daniel CONNECTION film amongst many other works.

As a Bible believing Christian, he has faithfully served The Body of Christ for almost 3 decades, working alongside and faithfully helping many other ministries. As a response to the wicked allegations that his wife Deborah “disgusts Jesus” and is “FILTHY!!!” (said with much venom) – see here, Stewart has now felt it necessary to make this statement – and to warn the Church at large.

James (Jacob) Prasch of Moriel Ministries (USA) and Moriel Missions (UK) – is a person who continues to lie and spread false information as well as teaching another Jesus and another Gospel.

After a number of years of hoping this individual would apologise for his blatantly hateful campaign, which in turn is misleading the immature Christian, it has become necessary to expose his lies to help those who have been ensnared.

Whilst it is always important to help those who are harmed by such wilful deceptions, it is nevertheless a tragedy to see any person fall into such shameful behaviour, ultimately filling their own lives with a cancer of hate and spite.

Watch the film here.

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