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‘How To’ channel demons and generally be a false prophet…

We have made DVDs in the Sound the Alarm and Watchman series which expose the occult practices promoted by Bethel Redding church in California (amongst others), in which we explain and show why they are occult so there may be no point in going over it all again.
Suffice to say, Bethel Redding are very proud of their ‘BSSM’ – Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry – and they don’t seem to care which area of the supernatural they are accessing. One critic who was initially excited to explore the ministry writes,

“Although this is a Christian school, they do not use Christian curriculum. They use common core,which means they get government funding on top of your $5000 annual tuition…”

It appears that they may be getting the message as the following was taken down from their website, but we decided to show this as an illustration of just how far they have gone in encouraging false prophecy – with the potential to channel unclean spirits for those who are spiritually opened..

ACTIVATION // Prophetic UNO:
Grab some UNO cards (a few of each color) and place them in the middle of the group. Have your students take turns going around the circle turning over the next card. Follow the instructions (below) as to what to do with that particular color card. This exercise is best with groups of 6-8 students.⠀

Color Instructions:
RED – you give a prophetic word to the person on your left about their financial situation⠀
GREEN – you give a prophetic word to the person on your right about their relationship with someone close to them⠀
BLUE – you give a prophetic word to the person opposite about something that concerns them⠀
YELLOW – you choose who to give a prophetic word to in the group about their career/employment/job⠀
DRAW 2 – give any 2 people in the group a prophetic word about their identity⠀
DRAW 4 – choose 4 people to give you a prophetic word⠀
WILD CARD – choose whether you give a prophetic word to someone about their destiny or choose someone to give you one about your destiny⠀

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