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Sound Doctrine – Basic Theology for Beginners

Dear Ladies We have been asked to add an extra class to the schedule for those who have not been able to join any of the other groups. To be held online on Wednesday evenings 6pm UK time +1 hour for Europe + 2 for S.Africa and minus 5 to 7 hours for the USA depending what state. The meetings …

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A Call to… The Faithful Remnant (Ladies Conferences)

London – 2019! TESTIMONIES from the previous conferences held in Scotland and N.Ireland. Thank You Lord! I was really convicted on an aspect of my life. I prayed and acted on it and I was freed. It’s a challenging day especially for the younger ladies but it is from God and it’s what they need to hear as we are to …

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What should a Christian be…?

I recently wrote a post on a Facebook group in response to somebody who was misusing scripture and several people asked me to repeat it – so here we go. (All glory to God of course!) Actually, the scriptures tell us to mark well those who cause division (Romans 16:17). We are to watch our own doctrine closely (1 Tim …

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