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Deborah Menelaws

Deborah Menelaws has worked in the media almost all her life – she started as a child actress with 20th Century Fox! She was also closely involved in the occult, being brought up in a new Age mix of Buddhism and Hinduism and became a yoga practicing, palm reading, fortune telling, Wiccan following spiritualist – amongst other things. 🙁

Gloriously saved and delivered over 30 years ago, she burned everything she had; from books and clothes to music and art – for she who is forgiven much, loves much – and studied The Word of God diligently.

To cut a very long story short, The Lord originally called her to reach out to those involved in the cults, occult and New Age Movement; to set the prisoner free – and this she did with great gusto, becoming area director for Reachout Trust and an international conference speaker with many appearances on secular TV as an ‘expert witness’ and making many TV programmes on these subjects for American Christian TV and others.

However, the Lord was gently moving her sideways in the ministry, giving her a burning desire to dig even deeper into His Word. She was trained as an Inductive Bible Study teacher, where scripture interprets scripture and keeps you as close to The Word as possible, she started to learn Hebrew and a little Greek and taught Kesher – the Hebraic roots of the faith. The natural progression was a call to Sound the Alarm… encourage the church to Wake Up! stop being lukewarm, be ready, watching and waiting – as a clean and spotless Bride awaiting her Bridegroom.

As a result, Bethel Communications was formed in the mid 80s and Deborah then became director of a Christian radio station with a popular programme called Prophecy in the News and a daily magazine show. She believes the Lord called her to make a documentary proving as much as possible that the Bible is true – and therefore investigating Bible Prophecy. ‘Cup of Trembling-countdown to Armageddon’ was made, with Dave Hunt, Roger Oakland, Chuck Missler, Gary Kah, Barry Smith and many, many others. That film encouraged a whole new interest in eschatology for Christians in the UK and launched a few Bible prophecy ‘teachers’.

In 2005, believing that she was to take a step back from ministry for a season, Deborah concentrated on her studies in The Word, particularly in eschatology. She still spoke at conferences but kept a lower profile as her secular work as a researcher for government organisations and the media, and her work as a producer of TV and other programmes took precedence and relationships were formed for her next big venture; to thoroughly research and make a film for TV – not for Christians this time – about Bible prophecy and the Gospel of the Kingdom… The Daniel Project was made by a professional production company (of which she is head of production) and has now gone around the world on TV and DVD – although it is too controversial for the UK and even many other mainstream broadcasters.:-(

Bethel Communications was also revived. With a successful conference in Scotland in 2010 and then the Women on the Watch conference in California in 2011, Deborah has toured the UK for several years, speaking alongside friends Caryl Matrisciana, Johanna Michaelsen and Jackie Alnor in the ‘Sound the Alarm’ tours – warning of the deception which has crept into mainstream churches – and the many occult practices masquerading as Christianity. She regularly speaks at the Israel and Prophecy conferences in London and Ladies meetings and weekend conferences. She gives ALL the glory to God for the souls who are brought out of deception and bondage as she shares her research alongside the Word of God around the world.

With her husband Stewart, Deborah is also a founder of Global Vision TV at and hosts a weekly programme called The Weekend Show. Deborah and Stewart serve at a small church in Scotland where she helps her husband, teaches and disciples the women.

Deborah has a strong desire to see a return to holiness and a fear of The Lord which leads to wisdom – and great freedom in Christ Jesus. She shares her research with mixed audiences but also has a heart for teaching The Word to women and seeing them grow in the things of The Lord.

[extracted from an interview conducted with Deborah Menelaws in January 2017]

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