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Sound The Alarm Vol 2:The Occult Invasion (DVD set)


The Occult Invasion – 4 Disc DVD Set
Sound the Alarm Volume 2
Featuring Deborah Menelaws & Johanna Michaelsen

Are occult practices invading the church? Deborah Menelaws and Johanna Michaelsen are researchers and authors who have a knowledge of ancient and modern world religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. Deborah & Johanna examine several practices in the modern church in the light of The Holy Bible and their own experiences within the occult before becoming Christians.

Illustrated with lots of footage and examples, this 2nd set in the Sound the Alarm trilogy is an essential for every church, fellowship, seminary and Bible School. Every Christian who is serious about walking with The Lord Jesus Christ NEEDS to know this stuff.




Ocuult_Invasion_DVD_coverSet of 4 DVDs

Disc 1: The Beautiful Side of Evil 

Can you recognise evil when it is often wrapped so beautifully?

Disc 2: Who are You Serving?
Can a Christian be influenced by demons?

Disc 3: The Strong Delusion
Do you recognise occult practices in the church and your own life?

Disc 4: Test The Spirits
How to test the spirits as exhorted in The Bible.


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