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Cup of Trembling – Countdown to Armageddon


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The Bible claims to be the inspired Word of God and tells of the creation of this world and of mankind – concluding in the holocaust of global war and the coming of The Messiah.

Today many experts believe that time is running out.  Overwhelming evidence shows that the predictions of the Bible are being fulfilled in these days – with deadly accuracy! Today many experts believe that time is running out.

Years of research have resulted in this systematic overview of “The End Times”. Filmed in various countries around the world with expert interviews, the first half hour or so looks at the veracity of the Bible. Is it true? Can it be trusted? What about creation and evolution?

The remainder of the film looks at the subject of Bible prophecy – past present and future.

Originally made for video, it may look a little dated now – but the information is as current and exciting as it ever was.

With Dave Hunt, Roger Oakland, Ken Ham, Barry Smith, Gary Kah, Ron Wyatt, Gustav Scheller, Rabbi Richman, Doug Harris and many others.
© 1997. Music by Helen Shapiro.      Running Time: 90 minutes – 1 x DVD disc


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