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Dangers, Toils and Snares in the End Times – 5 Disc DVD Set


Dangers, Toils and Snares in the End Times
Women on the Watch Conference
At Calvary Chapel Cypress, California

With Deborah Menelaws, Caryl Matrisciana, Jackie Alnor, Johanna Michaelsen and a guest appearance by Sarah Leslie

Featuring ten sessions on 5 DVDs.



:Speakers: Deborah Menelaws Deborah Menelaws is a UK based writer, broadcaster and researcher who travels world-wide as a TV/film producer and speaker. She heads up Bethel Communications – by all means spreading the Word of Truth which exposes erroneous practices in the church today and teaches Biblical interpretation and eschatology via Bethel Women conferences and seminars. Although she works mainly in secular TV and cinema (eg The Daniel Project) Deborah produced the Christian film “Cup of Trembling – Countdown to Armageddon” featuring Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, and Roger Oakland. She has produced many other videos about cults, the occult and NAM. Johanna Michaelsen Johanna Michaelsen is a noted author, researcher, lecturer and authority on the occult. Her internationally bestselling autobiography, The Beautiful Side of Evil, tells the story of her involvement with the occult, yoga, Silva Mind Control, a psychic surgeon in Mexico City , and her eventual rejections of all such practices. Her second book, Like Lambs to the Slaughter, clearly documents the invasion of occultism and dangerous religious practices into America’s public education system, movies, television, and more. Since Johanna’s exit from the occult in November, 1972, she has devoted her time to studying current trends and occult practices for the purpose of warning and equipping the church in these last days. She has appeared on dozens of radio and television programs. See Johanna in Caryl Matriciana’s new documentary, “Wide is the Gate: The Emerging New Christianity.”

Jackie Alnor Jackie Alnor is a veteran researcher, writer, and defender of the faith. She hosts a weekly online radio program called Apostasy Alert on the Rapture Ready Radio network that keeps her listeners up-to-date on the latest religious news in the church that relates to the current falling away of believers. Her articles can be found on her discernment website [] and her blog []. Her book, “The Fleecing of Christianity,” exposes the devil’s influence in the church via televangelism, the prosperity gospel, and dominionism deception. Jackie founded “Women on the Watch” to network with other women of discernment and sponsors an annual conference. Jackie produced the 1999 video “The Great Apostasy: The Lost Sign” in an effort to expose the influence “Christian Television” has played in spreading the great falling away, resulting in scores of people posting her collection of clips on Youtube.

Caryl Matriciana Film Maker and best selling author Caryl Matrisciana is a well-known expert on ancient and modern world religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. Best-selling author, journalist, researcher and commercial artist, Caryl has co-produced or contributed research and expertise to more than 55 documentaries in the past 30 years. For the past 23 years Caryl was the Creative and Marketing Director for Jeremiah Films, a Southern California film company, a leader in documentary film production and video distribution. She was instrumental in the research and production of many of the films covering a myriad subjects and also narrated many of them. She has been a frequent guest on numerous national and international television and radio programs, and is an informative and articulate public speaker. Her topics have covered enormous diversity and reveal today’s cultural trends and social issues with a special emphasis on supernatural themes, contemporary religious views and the so-called “New Age Movement”. Her latest documentary film series is called “Wide is the Gate: The Emerging New Christianity. For more on Caryl visit:

Chris Quintana Chris Quintana, pastor of Calvary Chapel Cypress presents the welcome message. Chris is co-host of the popular Tuesday night broadcast on Rapture Ready Radio, an excellent biblical apologist who debunks the Scripture twisting of today’s popular Emergent teachers.. He is featured in the new documentary, “Wide is the Gate: The Emerging New Christianity.” Jennifer Lawson is the special music guest and worship leader. Jennifer and her husband, Chris Lawson, are founders of the Spiritual Research Network ministry to help equip the saints about the dangers of deviating and departing from God’s Truth found in His Word.


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