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Sound The Alarm Vol 1: Another Gospel/ Spirit/ Jesus/ Prophet


Another Gospel, Another Spirit, Another Jesus, Another Prophet
Sound The Alarm Volume 1 
Featuring Deborah Menelaws & Caryl Matrisciana

Is there another Gospel being preached today? Is there another spirit and another Jesus being presented to believers in the Church?

Deborah Menelaws and Caryl Matrisciana are film makers, researchers and authors. Between them they have a wealth of information on ancient and modern world religions, contemporary cults, paganism, the occult and Bible prophecy. On this Sound The Alarm Tour, they unveil Satan’s corruption in the church including the role of Eastern and Western Mysticism in the Last Days.

Illustrated with lots of footage and examples, this 1st set in the Sound the Alarm trilogy is an essential for every church, fellowship, seminary and Bible School. Every Christian who is serious about walking with The Lord Jesus Christ NEEDS to know this stuff.



Another-Gospel_DVD_cover_webSet of 4 DVDs

Disc 1: You Are Deceived & Deceiving Others – Another Gospel (Deborah)

Disc 2: Eastern Mysticism Comes West – Another Spirit (Caryl)

Disc 3: Roots of Contemplation – Another Jesus (Caryl)

Disc 4: Islam & The Temple – Another Prophet (Deborah)


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