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The LampLight Project is Here…

TLP-DVD-Case  The long awaited 12 part Bible teaching series hailed as the teaching and study tool The Church has been awaiting, is now available as a download. The DVD versions will be available on the 14th April.
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 What do the pastors and teachers have to say?

“I am really impressed by this excellent series. I will be obtaining one as soon as possible. I can see so many uses in the church. Small groups, Bible studies and New convert courses would benefit greatly by this beautiful series. I want to congratulate you for this excellent presentation.” (Pastor Bill Randles – USA)

“Thank you for the privilege of being able to review The LampLight Project prior to its general release. It is not often that a resource becomes available that is able to give believers a sound overall understanding of the Bible and its major doctrines and themes. The Lamplight Project will become one such resource. It is concise, informative, well researched and superbly presented. I cannot wait to bring The LampLight Project into our church. The Lord bless you for all your diligence in putting this wonderful discipleship tool together.” (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

“All in all, as a complete work, this is a tremendously important resource for the modern day disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and also for the church as a whole. I want to wholeheartedly thank you for the honour and privilege of being able to review this project. I fully endorse it and trust that the Lord will both bless it (and yourselves) and use it for the strengthening of the Body of Christ in the days to come, that they be prepared for the coming of the King of Kings!” (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“We are so deeply impressed with all that you and your host of amazing contributors and co-workers have achieved – totally awesome – absolutely blown away!! We have been longing for a hard-hitting apologetic tool, and this certainly hits the mark.” (Ian & Anna Bartholomew – Precept Scotland)

“A very well produced series. This is a great tool for use in discipleship classes and bible studies. Can’t wait for it to be released, so that I can use it in my Church. Thanks for the privilege of reviewing it.” (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

Section 1: Foreword & Intro

“Clear diction and well structured” (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“A challenging statement ‘Why do we believe what we believe?’ This set the tone for all that would come. The introduction provided an excellent overview of the whole series, clearly presented with no ambiguity and good graphics.” (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“Section 1 of the LampLight Project offers the viewer the promise of a sound, well researched Biblical educational series. It immediately captured my interest as it promised to be a much needed pastoral tool for new believers and those who are enquiring about the Christian faith.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 2: Chance or Design

“A very important question, probably the most important, is knowing if God actually exists. This section is very much for the ‘unlearned’ as well as those who think they have it all sorted. Very well explained by people of note, who know what they are talking about. They explain it without ‘jargon’. Concise yet totally covered.” (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“The academics contributing to this section give an intelligent and rational rebuttal against the populist theory of evolution. It is encouraging and refreshing to hear professors debunking as unscientific the methods used by evolutionists to support their flawed theories. ” (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 3: Creation / Intelligent Design

“Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? are covered so very well. The everyday explanation examples are so logical and applied to the subject of creation – really good stuff. Explanations to the questions were excellent e.g. The Epic of Gilgamesh – well explained. The summary was very thought provoking.”  (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“Again, an intelligent and sophisticated presentation. I particularly like the links at the end of the section to websites which support the view of intelligent design by other credible academics.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 4: Biblical Roots

“Excellent explanation of the difference between the Epic of Gilgamesh and that of the biblical account of the flood. It is quite clear, that an enormous amount of time and trouble has been taken to put this project together; what a great work.”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“Well presented; the speakers show comprehensively, the reliability of the Scriptures and how the Bible came to be. I like the way it was presented against other works of later origin that were taken as reliable and showed how there was so much more evidence for the scriptures. The summary brought it all together and pointed me to the next sections… it left me wanting more – building nicely!”   (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“Convincing proof that the Bible is a valid ancient document. I especially liked the comparison between the number of existing ancient Biblical manuscripts compared to those of other ancient classical writings which are minuscule by comparison.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 5: The Old Testament

“A very good introduction set forth that the Bible as the word of God, demands to be studied, not just read. I love the way that the whole book is a continuous account of God’s involvement with His creation. The way the characteristics of both God the Father and also Jesus are shown throughout the books is very instructive for a structured study of the Bible.”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“Wow, what a brilliant session this was, the diagrams and bottom timeline showing where we were in terms of subjects are excellent. Explanations regarding Abraham and the covenants were portrayed so well by the speakers. The splitting of the sections works well, so that you could stop to get the workbook and the explanation of what was coming on the right-hand side of the screen was very helpful. The explanation of the Prophets, with the questions at the beginning of the section was excellent, while the explanation of the Empires rounded it off very well – brilliant!”  (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“An excellent overview and summary of the covenants of God highlighting the salient facts of each. I particularly enjoyed how the complexity of the Torah was simplified into an easy to understand overview which creates a strong foundation for the young believer to begin his journey through the Old Testament. The typologies of Jesus in the panorama of the Old Testament prophets as well as the simple yet precise overviews of each is a really great tool and asset, well done. Finally, the much needed and concise explanation of the offices of the prophet and the apostle in both Scriptural times and today allows the believer to accurately discern between the false and the true bearers of these offices. Overall a great overview and a wonderful discipleship tool.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 6: Jesus Christ and the Gospel

“I continue to be blessed as I make my way through this work. An excellent portrayal of Jesus, as the fulfilment of the prophesied covenant fulfilling Messiah.”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“I am running out of words to express myself! The opening with the Prophecies about the coming Messiah and their fulfilment in Christ was wonderful to watch, culminating with the Gospel nutshell of John 3:16. The questions asked were marvellously explained throughout the session. The explanation of the name of Jesus, and the Covenant/Lords Supper was so informative and revealing, with the so called ‘co-incidences’ explained. Another excellent session, well put together, again, leaving me wanting to go to the next session.” (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“The Old Testament prophecies included in this section are a powerful and convincing witness to both Jew and Gentile of Jesus’ authentic claims as the Messiah. The argument that Jesus sought to fulfil the prophecies made regarding the Messiah in order to lay claims to being the Messiah are thoroughly debunked.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 7: The New Testament

“This set out very well the characteristics of Jesus through the N/T books. I like the addition of the lives of the Apostles and also the history of Palestine back to Israel (much needed today).”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“A good overview of each book with links again to Jesus and Prophecy – very helpful. Another excellent and informative session.”   (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“The on screen “call-outs” are filled with useful information about the individual books.”   (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 8: What is a Christian?

“I found this to be a well-structured section (as were all the others), its subject is one which has been sadly lacking the church teaching for discipleship.”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“This is an excellent session. Very clearly dealt with. I think Jacob Prasch and Dr Peter Williams complement each other really well. Both give clear and concise answers to the questions posed, JP’s explanation of Water and Spirit baptism was well put, I loved his ‘departure lounge’ example. The Gospel clearly explained and well summed up at the end.”  (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“An excellent presentation of the characteristics of a Biblical Christian contrasting with the traditional definition which bears no resemblance to Scripture and is propagated by most who claim to be Christians.
The basic concepts of Biblical Christianity and how to live out ones faith in relationship with God through Jesus is simply and effectively presented. Well done!”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 9: Angels & Demons

“I like this section, because it speaks about what so many in the world are interested in, namely, the unknown future. This section also clears up misconceptions regarding Nephilim, etc.”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“Once again the speakers complement each other very well starting with a good explanation of the various heavenly beings. The Demons and unclean spirits section was important information and JP’s explanation of the demons and the swine was enlightening. Hell and Satan were also well explained, but within the context of his power comes from God and that God is Sovereign. Another well rounded session.”   (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“An important topic that is often misunderstood by Christians themselves is well presented and expounded bringing a clarity on what the Bible clearly teaches regarding Satan and demons. The difficult concept of the Nephillim is clearly explained through the relevant Biblical texts.”   (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 10: Spiritual Warnings

“Well-constructed, and address the warnings in scripture about both false leaders and also those whose adoration makes them celebrities. It is a good wake up call.” (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“A very important session and topic, condensed down to some very important points in regard to cults, false doctrine, and dangerous spiritual movements. Very good information and warnings, the speakers explain well and give the need to have a knowledge of the scriptures, and leaders in particular, being accountable. Well balanced.”  (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“A much needed warning against cults as well as other movements which are twisting and perverting the Scriptures to ensnare the souls of those who blindly flock to their ‘churches’.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 11: Interpretation / Early Church Fathers

“I found this to be a much needed corrective teaching on how to interpret scripture. This presentation is clear and concise – Excellent!”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“The comparison of Genesis and the Gospel of John was fascinating and very informative. The explanation of Midrash with its literal and spiritual meanings was so well put, and the example of the Temple curtain illustrating the point. The historical information regarding the Church Fathers and the influence of Greek philosophy and false teaching was again well executed. The explanation of the need to have meat in order to grow spiritually really hits home. Another very rewarding session. Cannot wait for Session 12.”  (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“This vitally important topic explaining the evolution of Biblical interpretation from a traditional Hebraic context and mind-set to a Hellenistic allegorical approach is an invaluable tool for those seeking to understand the Scriptures. Jacob Prasch on Midrash gives the viewer an insight into the richness and depth of the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Overall this is an excellent and well-presented segment.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)

Section 12: Eschatology / Exhortation

“This section dovetails so well into the Daniel Project documentary, another brilliant work by the same producers.”  (Pastor John Jones – UK)

“Good reference to, and use of, the Daniel Project documentary. A good session to challenge Christians to get to know the whole counsel of God and not pick and choose what they want to believe. Well balanced and full of information to suit all levels of discipleship. A very well produced series. This is a great tool for use in discipleship classes and bible studies. Can’t wait for it to be released, so that I can use it in my Church. Thanks for the privilege of reviewing it.”  (Pastor Steve Lloyd – UK)

“The LampLight Project has an uncanny ability to take complex doctrines and themes and present them simply whilst at the same time not diluting their emphasise or importance. This is again evident and reflected in this section regarding the subject on Eschatology.”  (Pastor David Nathan – South Africa)


Reviews from Focus Groups

“All this fantastic information in one place… what a dream.”

“My faith is soaring as each section moves forward.”

“Absolutely fantastic.”

“If ever there was a time this presentation was needed… it is definitely now.”

“I can’t wait to share this at home group.”

“First class; what a tremendous presentation on such a wide range of biblical subject matter.”

“Complex subject matter was excellently presented.”

“A very clear presentation.”

“Love the fabulous graphics and illustrations…”

“I can’t think of any other project that covers such a diverse range of biblical topics and so well done at that….”

“What a fantastic project, I loved every minute and can’t wait to watch again and again…”

“Very easy to watch yet so much detailed information…”