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The image of The Beast draws nearer…

pope-francis-iWhat an interesting use of 3D technology…

Many prophecy watchers are getting excited at the thought of the Pope appearing on 3D tv – despite the fact that very few TVs in the world are capable of receiving 3D and certainly not the 4k images on offer – in fact TV can’t show 2k let alone HD in its truest sense. It’s interesting though – especially as the ceremony to be filmed is the conferring of ‘sainthood’ on the last 2 deceased popes. And it will be attended by 2 live ones… Especially weird as I’M a saint, and so are many of my beloveds – but we didn’t have big ceremonies. What WAS very ominous was our report recently about Turkish PM Erdogan who was unable to attend an event and instead sent a pre recorded holographic image of himself… see the video below this article. Either way, we certainly have the technology to have an image of The Beast set up on a wing of The Temple – to be worshipped in place of God.
Per the Revelation. Except… we don’t have a temple. Yet.
======== Turkey: Giant hologram Erdogan upstages Tupac at Izmir rally – see what a walking , talking image really looks like.
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