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Wake Up Church!
If one is truly walking with The Lord, it only takes a few minutes or less of looking at the behaviour of another person to see if they are NOT walking with The Lord.

Unsaved people such as my brother in law who unfortunately came upon a vitriolic video somebody made about me, could tell immediately that the maker isn’t a Christian.

He spotted it instantly, so that whilst my sister was crying for me, he was trying to cheer her up by saying she should just ignore it. He said that the person on the video obviously had problems and clearly wasn’t a Christian so why pay any attention to it? In fact he thought it hilarious that his sister in law ‘has the spirit of antichrist’ and that I make millions of dollars from ministry…

He totally dismissed it and the ministry which made it. I won’t repeat what he called them but he was clear that there was nothing righteous or holy about them.

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see that the words used, and the manner in which these words are spoken, show forth the fruit of that person’s ‘spiritual’ walk. 
If the fruit is rotten, the roots must be too. How can you trust ANYTHING such a person says?

Remember. You don’t NEED to have the spiritual gift of discernment as The Lord Himself teaches that if the roots are rotten, the fruit will be rotten too.
It works both ways.

So… Godly people and unsaved people see it quickly and clearly. 
What does that say about the rest?

Well, when there is a narcissistic bully or spiritual abuser (see the video link below), there will always be cowards who fear him and how he might destroy their ministry – as he has tried to do to so many. 
Before we judge them harshly, I was one of them to my great shame. And I know many others. I understand it. 
One person known as a ‘tough cookie’ in ministry who calls a spade a spade admitted to me recently that they are “terrified” of the person I’m referring to. I just wept for them as I love them very much as a member of The Body of Christ, because, this is SO wrong that they are made to feel like that, God HATES it and He will avenge.

For myself, I have so far apologised to a small number of people I didn’t support in the past when I should have. I felt sick and ashamed of myself, and God dealt with me very severely. I have truly repented with very great sorrow and tears of shame. I do NOT fear man any longer but fear only The One Who can destroy me completely. 
Hallelu Yah! What freedom!

Dear Pastor and Minister – you can know this freedom too. Throw off the yoke of bondage before it is too late – as you KNOW that the fear of man is a snare to your feet and THAT is what will lead to your own destruction.

Because IF your ministry is of God, NO man can shut the door He has opened. 
No man.
Not one.

And no ‘ministry’ can destroy The Lord’s work.

Much love in Christ Jesus with warmest hugs from our little church to you for the New Year.

Remember, if you belong to Him, then YOU ARE ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED. (Eph 1:6)
Never forget it!
You may also find this interesting. I haven’t watched it all yet so can’t fully recommend it but hopefully it will explain some of what’s happening.

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