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Watchman2015We thank God for those He sent to hear the messages this year in the UK. At Southport where Ainsdale Evangelical church held an evening conference overview across 2 sessions – with a lively and useful Q&A afterwards, followed by a session at Gartmore House in Scotland to cover one of the slots vacated by Jacob Prasch being unable to attend and then the Welsh conference at the Breakthrough Church in Newport and hosted by Neville and Hazel Stephens as their final Prophetic Witness (PWMI) conference for the region. This last one went 3 hours over time(!) as Q&As allowed for both an exhortation, a challenge and a consensus of what God is saying to ‘The Remnant’ – the Body of Christ in these latter days. Ending in praise and glory to our mighty God and King, all agreed it was a sobering but edifying time as His Word was both spoken forth and received.

In the first session, Deborah Menelaws shared her research about ‘Where Satan Dwells’, taken from Jesus’ statement in His letter to the 7 churches in the Revelation. Deborah spoke about Satan falling like ‘lightning’, showed the roots of Pergamum and the ancient battle between the giants / titans and the gods of old and finally dispelled another myth in the process.

Moving on swiftly to the ‘Resurrection of Babylon’, after reading through exactly what the Revelation says about the literal city, the audience were astonished when they realised how this has already begun – in order for prophecy to be fulfilled during the time of tribulation.  Deborah ended by tying the 2 sessions together from the ancient times of the Babylonian magi through to the times of Jesus and beyond, to what is happening today in the great threat from Daesh – commonly known as ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria…

The afternoon session was the really important one though, and God brought others in until the room was full. Some had driven for over 3 hours from hundreds of miles away – to hear the first part of the warning Deborah was given in 1994 – 21 years ago.

Darkness and gross darkness will cover the land – and it has started.

The full story with practical tips and guidelines of how to prepare for what is ahead will be published here in the next few days and the whole conference will be available on DVD in July and can be ordered here.

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