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Are you awake?


For the last 15-20 years – post ‘Toronto Blessing’, The Lord has been leading people out of the man made institutions, where the falling away from Biblical truth is increasing.

These called out ones, the true ‘ekklesias’ are the Remnant and have been meeting in each other’s homes in 2s and 3s – small groups up to about a dozen or so.

These groups are accountable to God first and to one another second, without hierarchy or titles, but each one finding their own place in ‘whole  body ministry’ and serving one another in love.

Many use Precept Bible Study material, some use Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s and others work their way through the Bible book by book or subject by subject.

These groups have a network via Facebook and regular visiting teachers and speakers such as Jacob Prasch, Bill Randles, Arnold Fruchtenbaum and the annual Sound the Alarm tours.

We also set up an internet TV channel some 10 years ago with sound bites on hundreds of topics. One of these can be shown at Bible Study as the basis to the week’s study for example. (The site is being updated at the moment and the new one will be live in a week or so.)
There is no shortage of good materials – and a plethora of bad and dangerous ones, and without The Bible as the basis for sound doctrine, then all is lost.

Jesus says we will know His disciples by the fact we love one another – but the 1st command of course is to love Him first with all we have.
If we do love Him, He says we will obey His commands. We will also be ready, waiting, watching for His return – and we will thrill as The Bride awaiting her Groom.
We are to persevere, to overcome, to stand firm.
And we should be more determined than ever to reach out and snatch
as many from the fire as have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to perceive the days in which we’re living.

There has never been a more serious time to draw close and look up as our Redemption draws nigh – and be able as Paul exhorts Titus, to comfort one another with these words.
The Wise will understand.
And live.