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The Golden Rule of Interpretation

Corporate LadderPoint number 1 in ‘Israel & Prophecy’ – our new Watchman Series DVD to be released in the next few weeks…

The Golden Rule of Interpretation, formulated by Dr. David L. Cooper, is the key to understanding the prophetic Word.

The rule is as follows:

“When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense. Therefore, take every word at its primary, ordinary, usual, literal meaning unless the facts of the immediate context, studied in the light of related passages and axiomatic and fundamental truths, indicate clearly otherwise.”

This rule simply states that the Bible should be taken exactly as it reads, unless there is something in the text and in the context that indicates it cannot be taken literally.

Quite simply – in our opinion – this means the difference between Life. And Death.

All will be explained in our next DVD which will be out shortly. The 4 sessions, filmed at the Israel & Prophecy conference in London include Interpretation and the 9 deceptions, An overview of Bible Prophecy, The Daniel Project and Another Prophet.