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  • WS-265 – End of Days 58 –


Hello and as always we send warm greetings to you as we look for The Lord’s return in these troubled times – and before we move to join our international Discussion Panel this week, we want to dedicate this programme to Babs and her family in memory of Rosena Kelly who has been promoted to glory but sadly missed by all who knew her.

I also want to mention dear Adam who is also dearly loved and missed. We look forward to meeting these precious souls on that glorious day.

Until then – let’s look at a subject that should be dear to ALL our hearts as we go to meet our Panel…


  • WS-266 – End of Days 59 –

Lord’s Table

Hello and welcome to this week’s Weekend Programme on channel 1 on The Global Vision channel – the longest running Christian web TV network, broadcasting from our professional studios here in Scotland – and remember, we bring SOUND Bible teaching to our Global community around the world with 25 channels available on most social media networks with short AND long format programmes from top Christian academics who are specialists in their own subjects.

We’d also like to remind you that this is YOUR online Christian fellowship platform as we teach groups of men and women around the world on zoom during the week and provide multiple ways for you to communicate with one another wherever you are in the world.

We have one sad announcement to make today as this is the last international Discussion Panel this year but we’ll be back in 2023 – however the good news is that our new Spiritual Deception series starts next week – with part 1 explaining EXACTLY what heresy is – and seriously – you mustn’t miss it – to help you check your OWN walk – as well as that of the teachers that YOU are listening to.

But now… – let’s go meet our Panel…