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Horror strikes children

The so called Global Awakening was horribly manifested upon children in Paisley, Scotland between 25th and 28th September this year – 2014.       Please note, some viewers may find this short video clip distressing. Will Hart of Hart Ministries USA brought ‘another spirit’ which ‘fell’ upon the children causing what sounded like demonic manifestations judging from the horrendous …

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The Occult Invasion (Sound the Alarm – Vol 2)

Featuring Deborah Menelaws and Johanna Michaelsen speaking on “The Occult Invasion.” Are occult practices invading the church? Deborah Menelaws and Johanna Michaelsen are researchers and authors who have a knowledge of ancient and modern world religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. Deborah & Johanna examine several practices in the modern church in the light of The Holy Bible and …

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Sound The Alarm tours – what are they about?

The 2nd Sound the Alarm tour of the UK – subtitled ‘The Occult Invasion’ started on 14th September 2013 in Scotland and ended in Wales on the 28th. Deborah Menelaws was joined by author and speaker Johanna Michaelsen whose book ‘The Beautiful Side of Evil’ was a best seller as she shared her testimony and a serious warning after coming …

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