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General Boykin, Knights of Malta, Rick Joyner and Cindy Jacobs

The Problem There is a matter vexing the Body of Christ just now which concerns the Christian speaker and author Jerry Boykin who is a decorated hero and a retired USA Lt General of the highest esteem. Here are some facts. Boykin is an outspoken critic of Islam which got him into trouble when he made such statements whilst in …

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Sound The Alarm tours – what are they about?

The 2nd Sound the Alarm tour of the UK – subtitled ‘The Occult Invasion’ started on 14th September 2013 in Scotland and ended in Wales on the 28th. Deborah Menelaws was joined by author and speaker Johanna Michaelsen whose book ‘The Beautiful Side of Evil’ was a best seller as she shared her testimony and a serious warning after coming …

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