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Sound the Alarm – England East (Scarborough)

4th October 2014

wolf-sheepResearchers, authors, radio and TV presenters Deborah Menelaws and Jackie Alnor are the speakers at this conference for Bible believing Christians who are concerned for The Truth.  Amongst the topics being discussed will be:

My People Die for Lack of Knowledge: In the light of Bible prophecy and the days in which we’re living, the realisation that there is a concerted attack on the Body of Christ to deliberately lead them from the very narrow path in preparation for the coming antichrist manifesto, is something that many Christians find hard to believe. However, Deborah shows that we are further down the road than first accepted, as the harmonic convergence orchestrated in 1987 has not only grown in influence in the world – but has now been welcomed into the church in various guises through prayer and music.

The Misuse of Bible Prophecy: An overview of the various extra-biblical sources that are popularly used by some modern prophecy teachers: Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, Marian apparitions, St. Malachy and others. How have date-setters such as Harold Camping actually assisted in fulfilling Scripture by producing the scoffers the Apostle Peter said would arise in the last days? Are these questionable prophecy resources making the study of eschatology unpopular in today’s emerging church? Has anything changed since 1988 when Jackie Alnor assisted her late husband in writing the book, Soothsayers of the Second Advent?

Christian Television and the Great Apostasy: Most religious networks were built on the false teaching of the seed-faith heresy popularized by the late tent-healer Oral Roberts. Although some network founders started out right, compromise crept in when financial pressures mounted resulting in dishonest fund raising methods. Programs produced from some of the most popular false teachers such as Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland are now being accepted by networks that at first would not carry them. Jackie Alnor examines the de-evolution of several of the biggest religious networks and the failed efforts to correct them. Can ministries grow and expand without buying airtime from networks that are guilty of The Fleecing of Christianity?


Jackie Alnor is a veteran watchman, Christian journalist and defender of the faith. She graduated from Texas A&M University in the field of Media, studied theology at the Philadelphia College of Bible, and was trained in Christian apologetics at the former Simon Greenleaf School of Law. Along with her late husband, she co-founded the Christian Sentinel magazine that was in print in the 1990s and published online in the 2000s. Archives of some of her articles can be found on her “Apostasy Alert” website Her blog is named after the title of her blogtalk radio program, The Scattered Sheep Report, [ ]

Jackie is the author of the book The Fleecing of Christianity that tracks the influence of the spirit of antichrist in the church via televangelism, the prosperity gospel, and end times deception. Her years of taping Christian television and documenting the errors of the Word/Faith movement culminated in her 1999 video “The Great Apostasy: The Lost Sign”. She continues to track the apostasy in the church and news events related to the signs of the times on her facebook page along with her own insights and commentary. She shares documentation from her massive files to equip others with facts on dangerous trends and teachers in Christendom.

Deborah Menelaws has worked in film and multimedia most of her life and uses these skills in her lively presentations to demonstrate some of the terrible delusions Christians are now involved in – and often proves to her audiences that each one is not only deceived but deceiving others in some way…

Despite producing films such as Cup of Trembling-countdown to Armageddon and working as head of production at the secular film production company which produced The Daniel Project and more recently the apocalyptic thriller The Daniel CONNECTION, Deborah admits to having a great face for radio and has hosted many shows over the years including Prophecy in the News.

Saved from a background of the occult and Eastern mysticism and philosophy, Deborah was called into the ministry in 1987 when she became a student and then a teacher of eschatology as she reached out to those involved in the cults, occult and ‘new age movement’ as the regional director of Reachout Trust for many years. She has spoken around the world, sounding the alarm as a watchman for these days.

Deborah writes articles for her blog at and provides regular updates to the many Facebook sites she administers.

Married, with a son and baby granddaughter, Deborah and her husband have served their little flock at Bethel Fellowship for many years. Deborah is also on the boards of several other secular companies where she is a ‘tent maker’ to support her own ministry financially as much as possible.



4th October 2014
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