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I can hardly believe that there are still those in recognised Christian ministry (I'm not referring to the known false teachers etc) who have a foot in The Kingdom of Darkness by holding on to the world from their past - music is probably the most powerful one as I've written previously - followed by uncouth talk, pornography, carousing and self esteem - and yet they dare to teach that we must be Holy - set apart.

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Do you know what is right, correct and proper behaviour for Christians?  After we’d been chatting about a couple of lovely young Christian women who’d been singing on the platform in a church service whilst wearing very short skirts (which is just the fashion in the world) completely unaware of the effect it has on the opposite sex (hopefully unaware…) …

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Mastercard Unveils Next Generation Biometric Card

South African Trials Demonstrate “Convenience and Security” April 20, 2017 – Mastercard today unveiled the next generation biometric card, combining chip technology with fingerprints to conveniently and safely verify the cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. South Africa is the first market to test the evolved technology, with two separate trials recently concluded with Pick n Pay, a leading supermarket retailer, and …

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ETs and UFOs

Today’s short 2.5 minute Friday Feature on is from our Astronomy Channel and features Professor Danny Faulkner talking about ETs and UFOs. Be sure to Like and Share on Facebook and Twitter 🙂  

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Big Facebook is watching you…

In the light of our warnings on The Enemy Within – and the need for Christians to be wise, this little video from BT really hits the spot. Lasts less than 2 minutes and asks, How Personal is your Personal Information?…  

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