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Microchip Control in Sweden

The BBC reports that a new office block in Sweden is offering workers the chance to have a microchip implanted under their skin to allow them to access various services within the building. A tiny gadget the size of a grain of rice is implanted in employees’ hands – in the ‘web’ between the thumb and forefinger. It then allows them …

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Horror strikes children

The so called Global Awakening was horribly manifested upon children in Paisley, Scotland between 25th and 28th September this year – 2014.       Please note, some viewers may find this short video clip distressing. Will Hart of Hart Ministries USA brought ‘another spirit’ which ‘fell’ upon the children causing what sounded like demonic manifestations judging from the horrendous …

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WITHRAWAL OF THE UK FROM THE EU USING ARTICLE 50 OF THE LISBON TREATY BY 1ST NOV 2014 Please sign the petition at the foot of the page. There are 43 aspects of running a country or membership of the EU that will be voted on using QMV from 1st November 2014. These areas of power will no longer reside …

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The Red Heifer – an update

Further to our post earlier this year – sadly little Talia (pictured) is not THE red heifer which is eagerly awaited. Rabbi Chaim Richman of The Temple Institute gave the following statement and Jacob Prasch gives some deeper teaching about the significance of this beast on the Red Heifer DVD.  “Several months ago the Temple Institute was delighted to announce …

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A New (old) Voice from Islam

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK are working hard to make the moderate voice heard. They are lovely people, more like Hindus in character and of course they are also persecuted by other Islamic factions. Like other religions, they think salvation is by works and one god is the source of all, no matter what you call Him. And …

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Israel & Bible Prophecy

Deborah Menelaws spoke in London at a full day conference – the resulting DVD is part of The Watchman Series and will be available at the end of July. Her subjects included [1] The Roots of Deception, [2] Bible Prophecy – an overview [3] The Daniel Project documentary made for TV and [4] Another Prophet.  

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