Tuesday , 24 November 2020
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8 Messianic Prophecies – and the odds of them coming true

The Odds of Eight Messianic Prophecies Coming True By Author Unknown In 1957 Moody Press in Chicago, Illinois published a book by Professor Peter W. Stoner, called SCIENCE SPEAKS, An Evaluation of Certain Christian Evidences. Stoner introduces the chapter on “The Christ of Prophecy” with a salient quote from John 5:39, “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye …

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Sound The Alarm tours – what are they about?

The 2nd Sound the Alarm tour of the UK – subtitled ‘The Occult Invasion’ started on 14th September 2013 in Scotland and ended in Wales on the 28th. Deborah Menelaws was joined by author and speaker Johanna Michaelsen whose book ‘The Beautiful Side of Evil’ was a best seller as she shared her testimony and a serious warning after coming …

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Sound the Alarm – Vol 1 :: Another Gospel, Another Spirit, Another Jesus, Another Prophet

The Sound the Alarm UK Tour was an incredible success…So, how do we measure that? By the fact that at every event at least one person questioned what they were believing and made an effort to come out of the deception they were in. ALL the glory goes to God. Is there another Gospel being preached today? Is there another …

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Why do we do this?

It’s quite simple really. We sound the alarm; communicate Truth. Why? Because God called us to it. No other reason. We do not name call or accuse others of deception – The Word of God does that itself. So, we first examine ourselves – remove the log from our own eyes before pointing out the speck – or the forest …

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